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About Crux: Solving tough data problems at scale

Crux solves some of the toughest data problems facing companies today. Customers turn to Crux’s team to accelerate the ingestion of data from hundreds of suppliers by removing obstacles and helping companies reach their business goals.

From ingesting data from multiple sources, processing it into standardized formats, and delivering data where it needs to go, Crux tackles complex, multi-faceted data problems at a huge scale: managing 50,000+ data pipelines across 160+ different sources. Adding to the complexity, Crux predominantly operates in highly-sensitive industries, such as financial services, where any issues in the ingestion or delivery of data pose a significant risk.

Challenge: Best-in-Class Solution

The Crux team is made of data engineers, analysts, and scientists who are experts at accelerating the flow of data. Because of the level of complexity, scale, and high stake for their customers, the team demands best-in-class solutions — any loss of reliability could mean increased risk.

When evaluating a data observability solution to complement their core capabilities, Crux needed a solution built for scale that was highly reliable and customizable enough to work within their data engineering workflows and multiple delivery destinations.

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Bigeye brings scale and reliability to data quality monitoring, helping us meet the needs of our customers with a platform that balances automation and flexibility.
Jason Taylor
Head of Applied Innovation

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