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Deeply customizable data observability

Integrate data observability into any stack. Then extend it into your workflows with complete customization.

More Monitoring, Less Configuration Code

Define, customize, and apply monitoring across your environment with a few lines of human-readable code.

Deploy metrics and deltas from your keyboard

Integrate Bigeye into your CI/CD process programmatically

Manage your workspace at scale

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Bigeye fit with our philosophy of automating everything through the [REST] API while being in the goldilocks zone for balancing depth of capability and ease of use.

Head of data science

Financial Services firm, $25B AUM

API-first. Complexity Last.

Bigeye is API-first and exposes REST API endpoints so it's easy to extend data observability programmatically to match your unique data stack requirements.

Data observability without leaving the pipeline

Our thoughtfully designed Airflow Operator makes it fast and easy to enable monitoring and anomaly detection for your Airflow job, without switching tools and losing context.

Build custom solutions

Use the Bigeye-SDK to develop your own solutions with Python, such as using Bigeye directly from a data science notebook.

Start your data observability journey

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