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data lineage
for the enterprise

Bigeye Lineage Plus delivers comprehensive, high-fidelity lineage mapping across legacy and modern data stacks for complete visibility and superior root cause analysis.

Automated lineage for your entire hybrid stack. No, seriously.

High fidelity

Cross-source columnar mapping provides unmatched detail into the interrelationships between columns in each data source.

End to end

Comprehensive automated lineage mapping across BI dashboards, modern and legacy enterprise sources, ETL tools, and transactional databases.

Cloud, on-prem, and hybrid

Bigeye Lineage Plus connectors enable the tracing of data lineage even as it moves from cloud to on-prem sources and back again.


Bigeye acquired Data Advantage Group

Powerful new lineage capabilities are coming soon.
bigeye acquisition
Modern and legacy connectors

Connect the dots across your enterprise

Bigeye includes connectors for modern and legacy enterprise data sources including transactional databases, cloud data warehouses, data lakes, ETL platforms, analytics tools, and more.

50+ connectors for modern and legacy sources
Cloud and on-premises support
BI tools, ETL, and more
connect the dots
Cross-source lineage mapping

Explore every data relationship in high-fidelity detail

Each Lineage Plus connector incudes parsers that trace cross-source columnar lineage and provide unmatched detail into every data relationship.

Trace high-fidelity lineage across sources
Explore every data relationship in unmatched detail
Capture ETL job detail so no pipeline step is lost
Root cause and impact analysis

Get clear insight into where and why issues occur

Lineage-powered root cause and impact analysis show the true impact of data issues on your business and identify root cause for fast, easy resolution.

See all impacted tables, columns and schemas
Trace root cause across data sources
Mute notifications or close downstream issues
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Bigeye is a terrific value and saves us dozens, if not hundreds, of hours on identifying and resolving data issues

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Nick Heidke

Principal Data Architect
Row level debugging

Resolve issues faster with row-level insights

Once you’ve identified the root cause, dig into the data to quickly find and resolve the problem with auto-generated debug queries for each issue in Bigeye.

Get dynamically-generated debug queries
See impacted data right in your workflow
Export debugging queries for further analysis
resolve issues

Get a complete view of your stack

See all connectors

Start your data observability journey

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