June 26, 2024

Announcing Bigeye's New Systems Integrator Partner Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Systems Integrator Partner Program.

Zach Behrman

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Systems Integrator Partner Program, designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for data observability solutions. This program is not only created to foster collaboration but also offers significant opportunities for partners to create new revenue streams in the expanding data observability market.

Helping Partners Succeed 

The Bigeye Systems Integrator Partner Program is an ecosystem designed to equip partners with the tools and resources needed to deliver state-of-the-art data solutions to their clients. As the demand for data observability continues to grow, our partners will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend, driving both innovation and business expansion.

Key Benefits for Partners

Here are some of the key benefits and resources that partners will get from our program:

  • Dedicated Partner Manager: Each partner will have a dedicated manager to help them get the most out of the program.
  • Industry Insights: Partners will receive regular updates and access to exclusive webinars on the latest trends and strategies in the industry.
  • New Business Opportunities: We will connect customers who need implementation support with our partners, creating new opportunities for business.
  • Training and Support: Partners will receive comprehensive training to ensure they are experts in deploying data observability solutions.
  • Referral Incentives: Partners can earn bonuses for referring new customers to Bigeye.

Partner Success Stories

“We are delighted to formalize our partnership with Bigeye by becoming an official Systems Integrator Partner.” said Arbind Singh, CEO of Apptad. “Together, we're architecting solutions that provide our customers with proactive insights into the quality of their data and accelerating their ability to leverage business-critical data with confidence and clarity.” 

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to our partners doesn’t end with the program’s launch. We are dedicated to continuously evolving and enhancing the program based on partner feedback, ensuring it remains aligned with their needs and the changing market.

Join Us

“When it comes to delivering real change for enterprise customers, great partnerships are force multipliers. With our new Systems Integrator Partner Program, we’re taking a big step towards providing best-in-class data observability to the world’s largest enterprises,” said Kyle Kirwan, CEO of Bigeye. “We’ve cut incident rates in half and reduced resolution times by 70%. We want our partners to achieve these same results, which is why we’re investing in world-class tools and support for delivering data observability in the enterprise.”

For more information about becoming a Bigeye partner, please visit the Bigeye Partners page.

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Monthly cost ($)
Number of resources
Time (months)
Total cost ($)
Software/Data engineer
Data analyst
Business analyst
Data/product manager
Total cost
Common needs
Data engineers
Overall data flow. Data is fresh and operating at full volume. Jobs are always running, so data outages don't impact downstream systems.
Freshness + volume
Schema change detection
Lineage monitoring
Data scientists
Specific datasets in great detail. Looking for outliers, duplication, and other—sometimes subtle—issues that could affect their analysis or machine learning models.
Freshness monitoringCompleteness monitoringDuplicate detectionOutlier detectionDistribution shift detectionDimensional slicing and dicing
Analytics engineers
Rapidly testing the changes they’re making within the data model. Move fast and not break things—without spending hours writing tons of pipeline tests.
Lineage monitoringETL blue/green testing
Business intelligence analysts
The business impact of data. Understand where they should spend their time digging in, and when they have a red herring caused by a data pipeline problem.
Integration with analytics toolsAnomaly detectionCustom business metricsDimensional slicing and dicing
Other stakeholders
Data reliability. Customers and stakeholders don’t want data issues to bog them down, delay deadlines, or provide inaccurate information.
Integration with analytics toolsReporting and insights

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