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Enterprise-grade data observability for modern and legacy data stacks

Whether your data stack is on-prem, hybrid, or cloud, Bigeye delivers
AI-driven anomaly detection and comprehensive lineage to ensure the data powering your business stays reliable by default.

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Built for the largest, most complex enterprise data environments.

Dependency driven monitoring
Optimized monitoring for everything that matters, and nothing that doesn't.

Automated dependency monitoring

70+ pre-built data quality checks

AI-driven anomaly detection and alerting

End-to-end lineage
Automated lineage that traces every data relationship in unmatched detail.

50+ modern and legacy connectors

Cloud, on prem, and hybrid support

Cross-source columnar mapping

Scale and security
Enterprise-grade security and performance for the most strenuous data operations.

80k data quality checks run daily

Role-based access controls

SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001

Bad data sucks. Let’s fix it together.

Inaccurate dashboards
Stop being the last to know about broken analytics and BI tools
Disrupted Machine Learning
Ensure ML models are always trained on fresh, accurate data
Failing ETL jobs
Get notified as soon as a job fails and see a path to resolution
Bad data proliferation
Stop bad data before it proliferates into downstream apps
Painful data migrations
Compare source and destination tables to simplify migration

Protect the data products your business runs on.

Bigeye Dependency Driven Monitoring maps all the fields critical to your business and deploys upstream monitoring for complete coverage.

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Alert business users 
when data is unreliable.

Sophisticated anomaly detection alerts you as soon as there’s an issue and warns business users directly in their BI dashboard.

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Resolve issues before they impact business.

Lineage-powered root cause and impact analysis give you immediate insight into the sources of issues, and a clear path to resolution.

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Communications technology

Bigeye helps Zoom achieve their vision of delivering trusted data products to the business

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outages caught and remediated p/ month


SimpleRose team uses Bigeye to deliver reliable data for large-scale data operations

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in operational cost savings


Bigeye helped Udacity reduce detection times by 60% and delivered a unified view of data quality across the business.

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60% reduction

in issue detection time

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Scalability and security for the enterprise

Reliable and secure

We follow stringent security practices and guarantee strong uptime SLAs.


Built for scale

Bigeye can monitor thousands of schemas and tens of thousands of tables without breaking a sweat

Powerful tools for engineers

Bigeye is API-first and offers powerful developer tools and version-controlled configuration for engineers.

Fast time to value

Better data on day 1 with simple setup that takes hours, not weeks.


Get a complete view of your stack

Integrate with your stack

Connect to any source and alert to any destination.
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