Eckerson: Deep Dive on Data Quality Automation

Traditional techniques for ensuring data quality break at scale. As organizations deal with the ever-growing volume and velocity of data, data engineering teams can’t keep up, leading business users to view their reports and dashboards with skepticism.

Data quality

An organization investing in data quality is a bit like a child eating their vegetables. No one really wants to do it, but without it, the overall health of the business declines rapidly...Data quality actually represents the foundation upon which all of the showier analytics rest.

- Joe Hilleary, Eckerson Group

In this report, the Eckerson Group explains why maintaining data quality has now become critical for modern organizations and how businesses can reduce the burden of ensuring reliability through automation.

Read this report to learn: 

  • The components of data quality

  • How companies can build trust in their data

  • Why automated data quality tools is the answer to ensuring reliability at scale

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