November 18, 2021

451 Research: Data quality's contemporary disruption via engineering methodology

Borrowing observability concepts primarily from software engineering, data observability seeks to apply observability principles to the data layer itself, primarily for the purpose of ensuring downstream data quality and integrity.

Data observability, borrowing from observability principles in engineering, seeks to closely monitor the output of data systems in real time to infer system health, with the intent of catching and resolving potential issues before they manifest as downstream problems.

-Paige Bartley, 451 Research

451 Research weighs in on the rise of data engineering functions inside organizations, having surveyed 218 analytics leaders about their greatest challenges with data quality and reliability.

Read this report to learn:

  • The biggest challenges leaders face today with data analytics initiatives
  • Why the data quality market is ripe for disruption
  • A comparison of data observability providers
  • The future of data quality

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