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Stop by booth #416 to see Bigeye in action

Orlando, FL
March 11, 2024

Learn why Bigeye is the data observability platform of choice for Fortune 500 data teams

Come stop by booth #416 to see a demo of how Bigeye can monitor and track lineage across your entire enterprise data environment—including across cloud and traditional environments, through ETL systems, and into your critical BI and analytics dashboards.

Join our solutions provider session to hear data observability use cases from enterprise data teams

March 11th, 5:55pm

Theater 1 Exhibit Showcase-11045

Making Analytics Trustworthy by Default

Despite the ever-growing need for data-driven decision making, business leaders are still foiled by unseen upstream data issues breaking their dashboards. Data Observability emerged as a key trend in 2023 reports and offers a promising new approach to help technical teams keep data pipelines reliable, but what about non-technical teams? Kyle Kirwan—CEO of Bigeye—will give an overview of how non-technical teams—including data analysts, data stewards, and data product owners—can use data observability to map and monitor every field powering critical analytics and eliminate broken dashboards for good.

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Kyle Kirwan
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