Webinar: What’s so modern about the modern data stack?


The "modern data stack" promises agility, scale, and modularity for data teams.  But what is the current reality of the data specialist? With so many options, is there a right way to “do” data?  

Should you fearlessly charge forward using the latest of “modern data” tools, as quickly as they come out? Or are these shiny new distractions creating new toil? Maybe the robust and rigorous methods of “classical” techniques and data stacks are all you really need… 

We’ve seen a similar debate with the software stack’s evolution and DevOps. We think this debate informs where the data stack’s evolution will go.  

Our product manager Jon Hsieh from Bigeye covered:

  • How different personas became today’s data engineers 

  • The preferred tools of the current-day data specialist

  • The shift in emphasis from tooling to holistic data 

  • How DevOps principles inform DataOps principles

  • How this trend presents opportunities in the data stack evolution 

Check out the replay!

Hosted by:

Jon Hsieh
Product Manager, Bigeye
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