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Young journalist writes on attending NYC teach-in Excerpts:

I knew torture was wrong when I walked into the event that night, but hearing Bill Goodman [Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights] explain the terms of the Military Commissions Act redefined my sense of urgency for driving out the Bush regime…

Until hearing Cristina Page, author of "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America"… there was a part of me that imagined the Pro-Life movement would take the necessary steps to lessen abortion rates. In actuality, they reject solutions that could save heartache and lives in the name of religious and ideological battles.

Larry Everest pointed out how the Vietnam war was seen as immoral by its objectors, while the Iraq war is characterized by its objectors as a "poorly executed mistake." …He recalled how Henry Kissinger [Nixon's advisor during Vietnam] wrote in his memoir that a "small group" of radical people encircled the US Government and forced it to move… Everest made a plea for us to do the same…

The night ended on a high but frightening note. Chris Hedges, former New York Times Mid-East bureau chief, impressed upon me the idea that we should be intolerant of intolerance, assaulting our instinct towards moral relativism. He spoke eloquently about the progression towards Nazism in Germany and the parallels between now and then. His message was simple: What are we as a society comfortable in allowing to go on? What lies outside of the realm of compromise?

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To the World Can’t Wait Community:

An impeachment movement is being announced today in Philadelphia. World Can’t Wait will be there, giving our determination and organizational strength, and bringing the call that has mobilized tens of thousands over the last year: Drive Out the Bush Regime! The World Can’t Wait!

Our message is that Everything the Bush Regime doing is STILL Intolerable!

Stay tuned for World Can’t Wait’s initiatives! Here is food for thought:

The Democrats Won, But the People Have Not

By Sunsara Taylor, World Can’t Wait Advisory Board 11/10/06

Millions of people went to the polls motivated largely by their disgust with the unjust, immoral war on Iraq and their revulsion with the entire Bush program, but there is a huge gap between what drove millions to the polls and the promises and actions of the Democrats who won. It remains urgent that millions of people take it upon ourselves to act independently of the terms and channels of official politics – to protest, to get out in the streets, to refuse to settle into “business as usual” – to drive the whole Bush regime out of office and bring his program to a halt!

In the 72 hours since she has taken the mantle of the next Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi repeated her pledge that “impeachment is off the table.” In her victory press conference, she didn’t speak of the need to repeal the Military Commissions Act of 2006 that revoked habeas corpus and legalized torture. She didn’t decry the unending death and destruction that is daily terrorizing the people of Iraq. She did not pledge to stand firmly against the new war being prepared against Iran. Nor did she make a peep about defending women’s right to abortion and gay rights – even as Roe V. Wade is under increasing threat and gay marriage bans passed in an additional seven states.

Instead, she recast this election as a mandate on manners and effectiveness: "The American people spoke out for a return to civility to the Capitol in Washington and how Congress conducts its work…And Democrats pledge civility and bipartisanship in the conduct of the work here, and we pledge partnerships with the Republicans in Congress and the president, not partisanship." more

Beware of Politicians Bearing Gifts

By Elaine Brower, World Can’t Wait national Steering Committee 11/8/06

My son returned from Iraq last week, shaken and saddened by what he saw.  I thank God he returned home to our family in one physical piece.  However, looming over our heads is the “back door draft,” a policy that has been forced upon our military and their families without their consent.  Our troops return home to a hero’s welcome, only to receive redeployment papers sometime in the near future disrupting their settled lives.

Oh, you say, Rumsfeld resigned and the Dems are in charge of Congress now.  But I say, BEWARE.  Nancy Pelosi is lunching with a criminal on Friday, no doubt about it.  I hope she keeps that in mind.  I do not put my faith in the newly elected Democrats because they are the lesser of two evils.  The DCC platform did not consider the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; did not address the “back door draft;” and did not address investigation and impeachment hearings, to name a few items.  As a matter of fact, the Dems took all of those issues “off the table.”  Nancy Pelosi is known for keeping to her word, and her words were “impeachment would not be considered.”  We, the people, must make her eat those words. more

Robert Gates: New Defense Secretary & Old Bush Family Friend

By Kenneth J. Theisen, 11/9/06

Robert Gates, the nominee to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, is widely respected in ruling circles and is an old friend of the Bush family.  This should immediately give pause to any who harbor illusions that the “fresh perspective” offered by the Bush regime will include a withdrawal from the Iraq war.  Let there be no doubt, the regime is still committed to victory in Iraq.  Winning the war will be Gate’s task.

Recommended reading:

The Secret World of Robert Gates by Robert Parry 

Gates Has Some Explaining To Do by Robert Scheer

Just who is Robert Gates? Aside from a couple years spent in the U.S. Air Force where, among other duties, he provided intelligence briefings to ICBM missile crews, he spent most of his life working for the CIA, including as the CIA Director from 1991 to 1993 under George H.W. Bush. His most recent job was as the President of Texas A&M University, the home of the first Bush’s Presidential library. But he was not just an academic.  He is a current member of the high-level Iraq Study Group (ISG) chaired by another Bush family friend, James Baker. (Yes, the same Baker that helped steal the 2000 election.)  more

Debra Sweet
National Coordinator
The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime

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