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Cogitations from the Home Front

Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

October 25, 2009

This blog was submitted to the monthly newsletter of a local Florida Mensa group, the editor of which declined to accept it for publication. Below is my letter to the editor. He says that he intends to publish this letter intact in the group's December newsletter.

To the "4M" Editor, Edgar Coudal:

You may consider this an open Letter to the Editor and publish it, intact, in 4M:

You decline to publish my column, "Why 911 Truth Matters" on grounds that "it presumes the truth of a 911 conspiracy". To use the word "conspiracy" with regard to the tragedy of 911 derogatively, or even as a noun implying a hypothesis that is, per se, less than credible, does not behoove a Mensan. 911 was obviously the result of a conspiracy insofar as one person alone did not pull off what happened that terrible day.

There has been enough responsible research done to firmly establish enough evidence to thoroughly destroy the basis for the crafted and immediately propounded official narrative. Nineteen "fundamentalist Arabs", half of whom are alive and well as admitted by the FBI, is in itself an obviously questionable conspiracy story.

Will you accept an article giving a synopsis of research done and discoveries made regarding 911 since the event, including a short bibliography? Will you accept an article describing and locating this work?

Over less than a decade our nation's middle class has been financially destroyed. The government has gutted the legal basis of what remained of our civil liberties. It has established a national policy of waging aggressive warfare, determined at Nuremberg to be an international crime. The 911 and anthrax (see footnote1) events were crucial to implementing plans published years earlier by "The Project for a New American Century". Will you accept an article documenting this?

Polls are showing that somewhere between 60-80% of Americans suspect that 911 was an inside job. Are Mensans somehow obliged to ignore statements made by former 911 Commission members? (see footnote2)

What we are watching happening in this country as a result of accepting lies promulgated by our oligarchal government for its purpose of disarming dissent may still be thwarted, but only if enough intelligent persons are willing to look at information not popularly publicized.

Is a Mensan publication obligated to pursue the same policy as The New York Times, the only difference being that the latter is an active shill for government? The similarity lies in a refusal to publish accusations of, and evidence for governmental criminality. We Mensans have an obligation to do better without taking any political position or supporting any movements. Or is it only about fun and games?

With best regards,

Stewart Ogilby

The Government has admitted the 2001 Anthrax Letters were a false-flag attack originating from within the US military bio-weapons program

The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies

(The Bigeye Blog article is below)

Why 911 Truth Matters

Human antipathy to murder is hard-wired.

Consider murder mystery novels, TV forensic dramas, sensational news stories, and political murder (assassination). Discovering and prosecuting the guilty, "bringing them to justice" is the goal. Exploring and analyzing antecedents and psychopathology may be undertaken by a few, typically writers and intellectuals. When noticed at all by the public, such critics tend to be summarily marginalized as apologists.

Combined with this antipathy, murder satisfies the human animal's instinctive "blood lust", the desire for revenge, scape-goating, and means to legitimize murder itself (for example, war patriotism). The curse of Cain, Freud's bestial Id, the Oedipal complex, the survival instinct, all of these touch upon a need to escape mundane existence.

Survival mechanisms, developed in homo sapiens over evolutionary millennia, are frustrated by civilization. The theme of murder and its tribal taboo provide highly useful sublimations. The very phrase, "murder will out" has persisted in our literature since its Chaucerian 14th Century inception.

Thousands of men and women were murdered on September 11, 2001.* The adjective, "innocent", significantly added, results in "innocent men and women". This serves to convey and reinforce a message that, unlike the eagerly anticipated fate of the guilty murderer, their demise was undeserved. Justice and revenge become inseparable in capital punishment.

When times are financially tough and government fails to provide goodies, citizens in a democracy simply fall prey to new demagogues who repeat the invocation to "good" government. This pendulum swings back and forth as politicians pander to their constituents, lie, promise, and behave expediently, sacrificing long-term solutions for short-term personal benefit. Mencken sarcastically found this spectacle "incomparably amusing" although his sadness was palpable.

At least four-fifths of humanity lacks both interest and ability with abstractions and, therefore, has very little grasp of political philosophy and economic theory. Consequently, most citizens are reluctant to propose systemic changes. However, what they can grasp easily, emotionally, and with vicarious enjoyment, is cold-blooded murder. The terrible video images of human beings falling to their deaths from upper floors of the World Trade Center buildings can never be erased mentally.

Persons, having been conditioned to look toward government for material benevolence, will never grasp the chimerical nature of good government. However, as the banker-run U.S. government fails to maintain minimal economic stability and is also shockingly discovered to be the real 911 murderer, Americans will demand that the government be systemically replaced.

As new government is inevitably created we may work for term-limits, criminalization of bribery (lobbying), elimination of private monetary control (federal reserve system), restoration of civil rights (Amendments 1-10), decentralization of authority (Amendment 10), repeal of the abusive personal income tax, and separation of political and commercial control of the public's mainline media (TV and newspapers).

The truth of 911 is the catalyst to re-launch on our continent Jefferson's currently failing experiment in self-government.

* This was written before I discovered the truth: there is no reason to believe that a mass murder occurred. The absurd victims hoax is referenced for documentation in my 2012 9/11 articles

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