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The 911 Media Hoax - Part 10

Were Real Persons Murdered on 9/11?

Stewart Ogilby

The question is an absurd one except to those of us who have spent part of our lives exploring contradictions and mysteries posed by official narratives regarding events of that world-changing day. Increasingly, the question is becoming, "How many real persons died as a result of alleged events that occurred in connection with the destruction of buildings in New York City's World Trade Center Complex on September 11, 2001?"

A logical tentative answer is provided by Mr. Simon Shack, the brilliant creator of web site and supported by members of his, two online resources that call into serious question reports of that day's victims.

Fake victim Yamel Jager Merino & older Bianca Jagger
Google "Yamel Jager Merino" to check out the huge number of online tributes to this "heroic EMT" who sacrificed her own "life" on 911 to help "other victims" trapped in the WTC tower. It is all so ridiculous and amusing!

In the above cloying L.A. Times memorial obit "Yamel" is said to have had a sister named Vianca Jager.

You can't accuse these guys of not having a sense of humor. Bianca Jagger is the former wife of The Rolling Stones lead singer, Mick Jagger.

Shack's sites initially postulated all alleged victims to be computer created fakes who never existed, based on absurdities of photoshopped and digitally morphed memorial images. Proofs presented on their Vicsim Report are overwhelmingly convincing when one takes sufficient time to carefully review its eighty pages.

However, a few high profile "victims" such as Barbara Olson, Tom Burnett, David Angell, and Father Judge, out of nearly 3,000 "victims" appear to lay credible claim to having had lives prior to 9/11. Of course, this does not prove they died that day. Two possible ruses exist: Their "personae" may have been created by agents, or their complicity may have been bought and they are living under witness-protection type programs.

It should be apparent that illustrating even a few fake victims impunes the veracity of the 9/11 narrative itself and implicates media insiders as conspiring perpetrators and criminal accomplices in promoting and waging aggressive murderous warfare. We who have spent considerable time on this subject facetiously muse, "So, what else is new?"

The subject of Shack's Vicsims, or what I prefer to call "datafakes", should be the final hoax exposed following the spontaneous collapsing buildings hoax and the hijacked airliners hoax. It may conveniently become, thanks largely to Mr. Shack, the easiest to document. To spend time investigating every one of nearly 3,000 units is unnecessary. Research effort can be suspended once sufficient to conclude that widespread mendacity is involved.

Based on continuing online activity in victimology, memorialization and activities of spurious "truthers", it is fair to assume that evil ones have worked diligently over the past decade to firm up paper trails of phony victims. Those intent on exposing the victims hoax might well focus on finding and documenting alleged surviving family members. Rather than spend too much time on victims hoax minutiae let's go directly to the key and final issue posed by the 911 media hoax.
Part of the above video pertaining to the Olson/Booth matter has been censored.
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The key issue is exposure of 9/11 perpetrators and what steps need be taken to effectively remove those criminals from positions of power in our country.

Knowledge without action is politically unacceptable. Unfortunately, our masses have no understanding that politics is an important branch of philosophy according to Aristotle. They have been brainwashed into simplistic and largely meaningless partisanship squabbles.

Awakening Americans to the financially ruinous, murderous, and dishonest trick played upon them on 9/11 that took advantage of their human decency and their compassion for phony victims may become the key that unlocks petty partisanship and provides energy for major political change in our nation.


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