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Stewart Ogilby,
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December 7, 2007Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

November 7, 2007

Wave of the Future - National Socialism

The ghost of Adolph Hitler already haunts the twenty-first century. National Socialism turned an economically desperate and hyperinflated Germany into an industrial powerhouse. Its implementation met the threat of Bolshevism head on, preserved the control of the wealth, and kept the reigns of power in the hands of a capable few consisting of the industrial elite and the politically brutal.

Western art, music and literature had blossomed under the old monarchal class structure that patronized (subsidized) artists. That system's demise came as a result of its inability to keep the masses politically docile. Its failure to adequately meet people's needs proved politically fatal. Eighteenth century revolutions taught both the natural and artificial aristocracy (to use Jefferson's terms) a thing or two.

Obama supporters optimistically postulate Obama administration policies as a matter of faith due to the paucity of collateral evidence. Hope, they say, springs eternal and I am not one to quash it. To emerge as the people's messiah, Obama would need not only survive an inauguration but also surround himself and his family in the White House with armed guards, microphones and cameras of national networks. My best thinking tells me that is not going to happen. He is too intelligent to sacrifice himself or those he loves. Change (that magic word), if any, will come incrementally in the absence of an overwhelming crisis.

The force that might expedite new and radical policies is a severe national crisis such as the one capitalized upon by FDR. The Great Depression was created by the Federal Reserve (Central Bank), as even Mr. Bernake admits today. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, on behalf of a struggling and terrified populace ("All we have to fear is fear itself"), overturned free markets in a matter of months and put in place a powerful governmental bureaucracy, the likes of which this nation had never before seen. This was the bankers' dream.

Because the New Deal immediately benefited a desperate people it was accepted. It has been expanded ever since. Its ultimate economic failure was predicted by brilliant intellectuals such as Ludwig Von Mises (Human Action) and Friedrich Hayek ("The Road to Serfdom"). As most economists today acknowledge, it did not work. After seven years a belligerant foreign policy and the industries of war were required to make the "mixed capitalist" system work at home. It did work by mortgaging our future, based on ever increasing debt.

There were a few glorious decades of plenty, the likes of which humans had never before seen. Freedom was intoxicating for many. The majority of Americans were able to live as the prodigal son, enjoying and spending a limited and largely borrowed inheritance as the very rich became richer and richer.

Over the past few months we have witnessed the economic transition of the USA into National Socialism (economic fascism). This transition, again cleverly propelled by those managing the financial sector of government, will become total in the coming year. This may give people desperately needed benefits (national health care and secure housing). We must hope that, given minimal dissent, this transition will not be accompanied by the horrors of previous fascist regimes. The masses will always welcome the exchange of liberty for security and such a "Brave New World" as Aldous Huxley depicted may serve their tastes magnificiently.

Obama is riding the crest of a wave too powerful for any group, regardless of political philosophy or classical liberal temperament, to stop. The best we can expect is a peaceful transition to an increasingly socialized capitalist State with an eroding middle class. It will, of course, be designed to preserve the disproportionate distribution of wealth for one or two percent of the population, the families who already control the banks and the media.

Conceding the minimum to avoid meaningful social revolution on the home front, they will perpetuate a brutal and inhumane foreign policy for personal gain and glory. Those are the beautiful people who threaten to have the rest of us blown up or poisoned by the inevitable and justifiable "blowback" from their international ambitions, investments and adventures.

I agree that it is better to have a genteel Obama as figurehead of this great new American Empire than a bumbling thug, although seemingly bumbling thugs have frequently proved to be canny executives of other huge and successful crime syndicates. President Obama seems destined to implement the plans of our New World guardians even more eloquently than FDR.

Mar. 19, 2009: Preparing for Civil Unrest in America
Is it over for the USA? - Can this be true?

Posted 12/13/09: A Stability Police Force for the United States

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