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Access the Best Sites on the Web

BigEye provides two formats, each designed relative to your primary purpose in using the Internet.

If your interest is fundamentally EXPLORATORY, stemming from a desire to browse ("surf") this extraordinary new medium, we recommend that you spend some time surfing the 12 pages of uncategorized links to the best sites on the web. Start at Page #1 if you are frustrated at watching television and channel-clicking there. We know that you will enjoy these web sites as much as we did when discovering them as the web grew from 1995 until today.

If you interest is FOCUSED in a general area or on a specific topic, you will want to use this site's "Centers" which can be accessed via Table of Contents. Once you become familiar with this site, you will probably prefer to begin any web search among BigEye's carefully selected resources in order to avoid the thousands of responses from traditional search-engines, now that the web has reached immense proportions.

Should you be unable to find what exactly you are seeking, either on BigEye itself or via its carefully selected resource sites, employ BigEye Internet Search which queries ten of the web's top search engines and filters duplicates, dead sites, and trash from the responses.

Many web users find that the best way to scroll down through a web page is to use keyboard keys, rather than the mouse and the scroll-bar at the right of the page. Once the page is loaded, click one time anywhere on the screen, and then use keyboard directional keys. You can use the up and down arrow keys to move the page one line at a time, and the PageUp and PageDown keys to move it one screen at a time. If you are unfamiliar with this easy method of viewing webpages, try it now.

There are two methods of returning to your previous page. The first is by means of clicking the "Back" button on your web-browser. Try also using your mouse: right-click on the page you are viewing and then left-click on "Back". Many persons find the mouse method easier, once learned.

If you would like assistance or advice about the Internet, computers, networking, software, and such, the fastest and least expensive way to get information is by accessing BigEye's Help Center.

The Internet and the web are growing rapidly, having now reached huge proportions. Our team is creating a navigational system for this new medium's more experienced users. Althougth there is no ideal solution, BigEye now ranks among the web's top one-percent in the number of links from independent web sites - see some of the recent additions to this list.

For more background about Bigeye, see Webmaster's Message. Constructive comments and suggestions are always welcomed.

Stewart Ogilby
Sarasota, Florida

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