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The 911 Media Hoax - Part 7

The 911 Media Show And Its Victims

Stewart Ogilby

It is tragic-comical to watch those who demand that the story of 3000 murdered victims be true turn to the show’s perpetrators for evidence. Apparent mysteries of 911 are unravelled by first, identifying its perpetrators, and second, by understanding the nature of the show itself.

First, the perpetrators: The show was scripted, produced, and aired by perpetrators. The perpetrators of 911 are those who own and control America’s media. They are America's real criminals along with commercial bankers, corporations that profit from war, and others dependent upon a war economy. Add to this devilish mix those in government who train and employ men in the military and the police. Marginal men who respect only brute force, some addicted to violence, others suspicious of and confused by any expression of intellect, are paid to advance and preserve the criminals' interests. They exist neither to defend the nation nor to protect rational interests of mankind. Tack on international components consisting of Middle East hegemony, acquisition of oil resources, and the control of Arab demographics and the motives for 911 become apparent.

Second, the show: Somewhere 911 has been referred to as a “media crime”. That is inaccurate when one understands the nature of that show. Had nearly 3000 been murdered on 911 it would have been a major crime. It isn’t even accurate to refer to 911 as having been a “media event”. So little of what media led us to believe happened that day makes 911 nearly a non-event. It is best described as a “media show”.

The significant event that did happen was the successful demolition of outdated and financially unattractive commercial buildings located in New York City’s World Trade Center complex. Shanksville and Pentagon “crash” ruses were subplots of a carefully scripted hijacked airliners theme within the 911 show. They served to add credibility to terrorist attack claims that resulted in a huge insurance bonanza for those leasing the NY buildings. Those two highly touted “airliner crashes” served also to distract the public’s attention from the massive urban renewal project then being launched in NYC. So much for the nature of the 911 Media Show.

For some unfathomable reason those interested in unravelling 911's mysteries turn to the show’s criminal perpetrators for truth about its victims theme, the massacre of nearly 3000 innocent humans. Vengeful “unrelated” mourners seem blissfully unaware of media’s role in creating, scripting, producing, and airing the whole exciting show. Go figure.

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