Take Action - Join Us!

Don't just sit there and think, "What can I do?".   We are Americans and still free!

We the People must act in 2009, PEACEFULLY, while we still can, to reign in our out-of-control government or submit to rule-by-government.

This is the only country in the world where We the People are sovereign. We have all the rights. Our Republican government, functioning by the consent of the governed (ourselves), has no rights.

Take a stand with us before it is no longer permitted!

There are tens of thousands of us now within the 50 states. We must become millions. THE CONTINENTAL CONGRESS 2009 will convene in a location soon to be announced.

We, a free people, have set up a REPUBLIC primarily to serve and protect the liberties of citizens (ourselves) within its borders.

In a REPUBLIC the people have all the rights while the government has none. WE THE PEOPLE established a REPUBLIC.

The law is on our side. Defend our CONSTITUTION from enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

The time for complete alliance to any political party is over. Solutions cannot take place today through voting, politics, mainstream media polls, and letters to congress.

Don't be afraid! You are not alone.

Take a stand with us to reclaim our Republic in 2009.

The We The People Congress, Inc. is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit membership-based entity focusing on grassroots Constitutional activism which can engage in direct political activity. It needs your moral support. The last Continental Congress convened in 1789. We are as American as apple pie!

  • We are not asking you to join us for your money.

  • We are not asking for you to join us for the fun of it.

  • We are nonviolent, proactive, honest and believe in saving our republic.

  • We are trying to get 5% of the free American population to stand with us.

Your state is selecting delegates now. Join now and help nominate one of the three who will represent you and your state.

Working privately or publicly, civilian or military, uniformed or street clothed, rich or poor ---- We are all Americans first.

We are humbly asking You as a free citizen, presently empowered by rights that you were born with, by Natural Law, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, to join us today in support of our Republic! http://wethepeoplecongress.org/index.php

United, we are taking a stand today. The time for talk is over. We are using the same tactics as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. -

  1. Nonviolent (and always respectful of other people and their property).

  2. Proactive (being "in your face" and not waiting to take orders from any organization. Just doing what you believe is right to forward the cause).

  3. Achieving critical mass, 5% of our population will have a louder voice than our news media. Five percent of 300 million = 15 million....just 1 out of 20 people.

A large unified body of lawful citizens will support the actions decided upon by our Continental Congress 2009. PEOPLE POWER HAS ALWAYS WORKED WHEN ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE UNITED AS ONE. Especially when the law is on their side.

Today on the seal of our congress, adopted as our nation's motto since 1776, and on our currency as well, is "E pluribus unum"....out of many, ONE. Shall we remove this or demonstrate it?

We seek no less than to reimpose The Constitution of the United States upon our servant government. It is the rule of law placed upon our government, designed to limit its powers. It is currently being ignored.

These laws of the people have not been enforced by We the People.

Since the Civil War our government has slowly assumed powers not granted to them by we the people, then allowed to stand without correction.

We the people have petitioned legally for years now, since 1995. We have established a track record for all to see. It has been published and is on our peoples congress website as well.

We as a free people are and have been seeking at least a dialog in order to remedy the clear and obvious violations of our constitution, with evidence in our hands. We are seeking accountability. We have the right to do this and it is stated so in our constitution's 1st ammendment, last ten words.

Our government has an obligation to respond. They refuse to do so.

Our government must be held accountable to the People - or what kind of government do we have?

History has been repeated. Just as in our Declaration of Independence, we have repeatedly, legally, humbly, petitioned for years, at great expense to us. We have been repeatedly ignored and met only with repeated injury.

We have been ignored by both our government and our news media since 1995. This continues today.

Do you believe, as do we, that it is time for action?

Of our 300 million, we pray there are at least 5% who are freedom loving, honest, non-violent citizens who are not afraid to defend and protect our Constitution. If you are one, we need your voice and moral support.

If you have not taken an oath to support and defend our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, will you?

If you are not afraid to stand and be counted, will you?

Do you dare to demand that our government preserve your liberty? According to our Constitution, that is our government's primary function.

We are praying you are out there and will respond to our plea to unify.

If you have sworn an oath to support and defend The Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic, please join us today. Our Constitution desperately needs defending from our domestic enemies. Our way of life needs defending.

Please read and sign our petitions. Take a stand and be counted in support of our Republic.

Our lives are already an open book to our IRS, credit agencies, hospitals,and many other institutions public and private.

What have you got left to hide anyway? What have you got to lose? Your liberty as a free American citizen - that's what!

Don't be afraid, you are not alone!

In the name of freedom and our way of life, PLEASE JOIN US. We truly are a unique experiment in freedom which without your moral support and voice may perish.

The only rights we have are the ones we stand up for. All remaining rights not defended dissolve into the democracy. Please take a stand together with us today to save our REPUBLIC.

You MUST watch the above video!

Defenders of the Constitution met May 20-22, 2009

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