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Long before it became clear that the WWW would become ubiquitous, your BigEye webmaster was struggling to figure out how all this stuff worked by rubbing shoulders (virtually) with nerds at an online service in Boston called Delphi. Those were days filled with confusion, exploration, and the joys of many "aha!" moments of discovery. That marvelous service provided a text-only access to the WWW before the first web-browser was ever marketed to the public. I recall my confusion the first time I typed "http://www" - "How very odd!", I thought. Although only a few years ago, somehow it seems to have been in another age.

Many of the wonderful web sites you now find linked to by BigEye have been selected from among those submitted by fans and supporters of this site since BigEye first appeared over five years ago. We would very much appreciate your joining this group. EmailClub intends to provide advertising revenue to, Inc.

You might enjoy getting to know some of the interesting people who also appreciate BigEye, especially if you intend to travel. This group has members in more than fifty different countries. Then again, you may not want to utilize the opportunity afforded to contact others subscribed to BigEye and EmailClub.

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