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Cogitations from the Home Front

Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

September 19, 2010

Spread the New Gospel

Having spent many days reading and studying the political turmoil we face today, I have been obliged to conclude that, rather than a natural social phenomenon, today's financial and military havoc has been orchestrated for the benefit of and by persons whose aims in life are personal aggrandizement, money, and power. Thanks to propaganda, none dare call it conspiracy.

It avails us nothing to feel that such persons, collectively comprising a mafia-like criminal syndicate, ought to know better and would be far more humanly valuable had they applied their superior mental abilities, as did their sons, daughters, and cousins, as honest lawyers, doctors, scientists, musicians, and authors. Instead, they plow fields of banking, politics, and war, creating financial and military havoc along the way, together with misery and death throughout the globe for millions of less gifted and simpler members of our species.

My newly developed political activism has taken the form of spreading information via the written word. Because we in the US are now living in a largely post-literate society, such efforts necessarily face limited success.

Unlike millions of fellow citizens, I have a Jeffersonian distaste and apprehension for all forms of religion, and particularly of religious organizations. I am fully aware, however, of the holds that various metaphysical thinking and entrenched beliefs have on the bulk of the masses, both literate and illiterate.

It is important for such persons to be reached with the facts of what is happening today in our country. They have been powerfully propagandized and conditioned for years by a criminal financial syndicate that cleverly gives lip service to their religious heritage. Truth, including 911-truth, as other forms of murder, will eventually "out" given rapidly and mysteriously developing capabilities of the human brain.

I would like all God-fearing Christian readers (and others) to check out Chuck Baldwin's website, if they have not done so already. I think that intelligent and responsible persons who come from families with their own developmental religiosity will appreciate the outstanding work Pastor Baldwin is doing.

Then bring Baldwin to the attention of others having a spiritual background similar to yours, especially to those harboring a pre-programmed irrational reluctance to face today's political reality as documented in Jeff Gates' magnificient recent book, Guilt by Association.

Although every effort is being made to keep this tremendously important work from major book distribution channels in the US, "Guilt by Association" can currently be obtained online from, Jeff tells me.

Here is Pastor Chuck Baldwin's homepage - enjoy it!

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