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Astronomy & Astrophysics

Symbols of an Alien Sky | Official Movie

NASA Origins Program
The Origins Program is the scientific study of the long chain of events from the birth of the universe in the Big Bang, through the formation of galaxies, stars, and planets, and the chemical elements of life to the profusion of life on Earth and possibly elsewhere.

The Astronomy Cafe
Professional astronomer explains modern astronomy, what a career in astronomy is like, and answers over 4000+ popular questions from an on-line FAQ archive called Ask the Astronomer.
Site with links to current articles and many astronomy resources.

Hubble Space Telescope
An international observatory provides collection of images, news, science research, educational information and activities (K-12).

Educational Guide To Space and Astronomy
Devoted to astronomy, space exploration and space flight, and the instruments we use to study the cosmos. A good resource for students, teachers, and general public.

NASA - Planetary Science Research - Discoveries
Information about the latest research on planets, meteorites, and other solar system bodies being made by NASA-sponsored scientists. Great educational site.

Sights in Outer Space
Images of astronomical and solar system bodies, spacecraft and rocketry, as well as every manned US space mission.

Astronomy - Search Astronomy Web Sites
Presents astronomy as science and hobby. Find astronomy news, search engine, and other resources.

Space-time Matrix
The evolution of existence into experience - online book, written by Steven E. Kaufman.

Hubble Site
Including spectacular pictures, news about Hubble’s discoveries, telescope facts, astronomy education resources, games, and a multimedia trip through time.

Galaxy - the first Internet Search Directory provides contextually relevant, trustworthy information on Astronomy and related topics

A listing of the planet candidates discovered outside of our solar system. Plus a number of links to astronomical pages dealing with exoplanets and the ground- and space-based methods by which they can be detected.

Satellite Tracking
See satellites without telescope visible from your location.

Stephen Hawking's Universe
Provides detailed explanations of the most important ideas and developments in human understanding of the universe.

Universe Content - Homogeneous or Factual?
A dissident group of astronomers is claiming that the Universe is not the smooth, homogeneous place that Einstein envisaged.

NASA News -Get Headlines By E-mail
Featuring headlines on recent space sciences research at Marshall Space Flight Center. Read about developments in climate science, auroras, the sun, and deep space. New headlines appear every few days

Carl Sagan
In Memory of Carl Sagan. An article from the Skeptic Society publication.

Big Bang Philosophy
This website is made to exchange ideas about the philosophy of the Big Bang and its moral consequences.

Physics and Astronomy Education
Physics, engineering, and science in general reference and resource site.

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