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Southwest Tribes: ZUNI

The Zuni Language is part of the Penutian Language family. They have patrilineal clans. Marriage is simply an agreement between a couple where the woman welcomes the advances of a man. There are a few ways that a couple comes around. The first way is that after a few meetings between the man and a woman, the woman consults her mother to see if he is acceptable. After which, she invites him to bed in secret. During the secret period if the man calls off the marriage, he has to pay the bride price or she can force him into the marraige arrangement by publicizing the relationship. This is done at high noon and the woman brings a basket of corn to his mother, at which point, the man's mother responds by giving the woman the traditional black dress, moccasins, shawls and beads and the woman takes the man back to her home with him. The second way happens if the couple finds themselves compatible during the secret bedroom meetings. The girl then grinds the corn in the basket before giving it to his mother at high noon. The third way happens when a man presents gifts to the bride at her home. The bundle of gifts is placed in the room and he is fed. Within the Zuni, there is no such thing as illegitimate children.

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