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Basin and California Tribes: YOKUTS

The Yokuts Language is part of the Penutian Language Family. The Yokuts have patrilineal clans each with its own totem pole. The emblem of each totem pole is an animal and those within the totem of that particular animal could not hunt nor eat their totem animal. Although the mother's totem receives respect of her husband and his family, only the man's totem passes down to the children. Groom's parents offered gifts to the family of the bride (shell money). If the bride's family approved, they give female goods back in exchange. Marriage arrangements were sometimes made before puberty. At marriage, the couple moved into the wife's parents house for the first year, after which they either permanently moved into their own home or into the home of the husband's parents. The husband was not allowed to have a conversation with his mother-in-law. The chief could have polygynous relationships, but not the rest of the tribe. At menarche, girls were kept indoors until cessation and they were also tattooed shortly after with the family totem.

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