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Home PARAPHILIAS -- Greek for "beyond normal"
Activism & Sex
Arts & Sensuality Bestiality & Zoophilia TRANSVESTISM
Commercial Sex Coprolalia
Contraception Coprophilia Transvestism is obtaining sexual arousal
Disabilities/Illnesses Exhibitionism or gratification from dressing in the
Dysfunctions Fetishes clothes of the opposite sex.
Human Body Frotteurism Crossdressing is simply wearing the
History of Sex Hypersexuality clothes of the opposite sex.
Law & Sex Klismaphilia
Love & Intimacy Mysophilia A Cognitive Behavioral Analysis of Transvestism
Paraphilias Necrophilia Beaumont Trust
Pleasures of Sex Pedophilia Crossdresser Toons
Pregnancy Sadism & Masochism Crossdressers Guide
Relationships Scoptophilia Crossdressing and the Hero's Quest
Religion & Sex Stigmatophilia Crossdressing: What Does the Bible Really Say?
Research Telephone Scatologia Do You Know a Crossdresser?
STDs Transvestites Existentialism and Crossdressing
Societies Troilism Freud's Sexual Inversion Hypothesis and Crossdressing
Variances Urophilia Jung's Anima Theory & How It Relates to Crossdressing
Violence Voyeurism Myths and Misconceptions About Crossdressers
Other Paraphilias On the Arts: Transvestism Through the Ages
Parent's Crossdressing Behavior: Effects on Adolescents
Psychology of Cross-Dressing
Transsexual Phenomenon: Transvestism, Transsexualism, Homosexuality
Transvestism & Transsexualism
Transvestism: Beaumont Trust
Transvestites Info
Transvestites: The Erotic Drive to Crossdress
Tri-Ess for the Second Self
What is the Difference Between a Transvestite & Transsexual?
See Also: Variances: Transgender & Transsexuals

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