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Home Paleolithic HISTORY OF SEX
Activism & Sex Cave Peoples
Arts & Sensuality TIME LINE Persian Empire
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Minoans of Crete
Contraception Ancient Egypt Myceneans of Greece Persia was an acculturation
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India between all the peoples in
Dysfunctions Ancient China Etruscans of Italy it and surrounding it.
Human Body Early Biblical Sicani/Siculi of Sicily
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Iberians/Celts of Spain Originally, Persia took directly
Law & Sex Ancient Greece from Mesopotamian deities
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Dorians: South and sexual culture. Ishtar or
Paraphilias Aztec Empire Aegean Islands Istar was called Nana. Anahit
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire Ionians: North Aegean became Tanata. These deities
Pregnancy Native Americans Amazons had the same sexual cults of
Relationships Roman Empire their Mesopotamian counterparts.
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Phoenician Empire
Research Renaissance/Reformation The Persians also began to worship
STDs Puritans Persian Empire Ancient India gods and goddesses.
Societies Victorianism The Kama Sutra or the sixty-four
Variances Adolf Hitler arts was re-written by the Persians
Violence Kinsey - 1950s with a new Persian twist and slight
Sex Revolution-60s differences to each of the sixty
four arts.

Zoroasterism became a pre-dominant religion as well and along with that religion came the sexual customs.

In later Persia, sexual stories were collected from the Orient through Persia and compiled into One Thousand
Arabian Nights.

For Further Readings on Persia:

Agrawala, P. K. (1983) The Unknown Kamasutras. Varanasi, India: Books Asia, Distributed by Prithivi Prakasha.
Malcolm, Sir John. (1976) The History of Persia: Volume 1. Tehran: Imperial Organization for Social Services.
Sayce, A. H. (1896) The Ancient Empires of the East. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

Persia Links

Ancient Persia
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights Resource Center
Persia to Iran: Movements in History
Persian Art

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