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Basin and California Tribes: PAIUTE

The Paiute Language is part of the Uto-Aztecan Language Family. The Paiute are mainly monogamous, but there was some polygyny with sisters and polyandry with brothers. Spouse exchanges between brothers was common. The taboos for menstruation and pregnancy were the same. The menstruation and birth took place in a special hut. The woman stayed on a hot bed, used a hair filet, a scratching stick, and a tooth stick. She was not allowed to eat meat, nor salt and had to drink cold water. It was concluded by bathing, washing, trimming the hair and painting the face or body. The husband shared in all post-partum taboo practices and he too had to refraing from eating meat, salt, and had to drink cold water. He had to use a hot bed, a hair filet, a scratching stick and a tooth stick. During the delivery, other women and the husband assisted. The umbilical cord was cut and stored in a skin pouch. It was attached to the baby's cradle for two years. The couple was not allowed to have sex after pregnancy while the mother is nursing her child.

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