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Activism & Sex Experiments
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Contraception Ancient Egypt Nazi Sterilization Program:
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Breast Removal and Schumann's Needles
Dysfunctions Ancient China Skin Collectors
Human Body Early Biblical Dr. Horst Schumann (1906-1983)
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Cancer Experiments was a SS doctor. Originally
Law & Sex Ancient Greece On Women and Their he worked at Auschwitz in
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Reproductive Organs Dr. Viktor Brack's T4 axiom.
Paraphilias Aztec Empire Dr. Brack had asked to be
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire "Curing" Homosexuality placed in charge of the
Pregnancy Native Americans sterilization program, however,
Relationships Roman Empire Rape "Research" on Himmler chose Schumann for the
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Jews and Gypsies position instead. Later Schumann
Research Renaissance/Reformation conducted experiments at Birkenbau.
STDs Puritans Sterilization Program
Societies Victorianism Schumann was a part of the
Variances Adolf Hitler Virus Manipulations sterilization program for both
Violence Kinsey - 1950s of STDs men and women at Auschwitz
Sex Revolution-60s and Birkenbau (13). He conducted
various unethical research on women,
including injections such as formalin, novacain, progynon, and prolusion (9). The injections were supposed to sterilize Jewish women and gypsy women. The substances would cause infections and scarring of the fallopian tubes which would prevent both fertilization and implantation of eggs in the uterus. Many of the women actually died from pelvic inflammation of their uterus and ruptured fallopian tubes during these experiments. Schumann's sterilization of men also stemmed around injections, castration and x-rays or intentional radiation of men's penises, scrotums and testes. (6, 11)

Schumann Escapes Prosecution

Schumann never published any of his research like other Nazi doctors did after the war. Instead, the documentation for most of his research disappeared and the Allied forces were only able to find out the names of the experiments, how many people Schumann got for each experiment, and what each experiment was supposed to be for. Schumann and another doctor escaped to another area of Germany and they took on fake aliases as refugees. They used a refugee credit to start up a medical practice under their aliases. When they were discovered, Schumann fled to Africa and all we know is what Schumann claimed himself. Schumann claimed that from 1950-1955 that he was a ship's doctor. In 1955, Schumann went to Sudan where he claimed to have studied "sleeping sickness." For some reason, Schumann fled Sudan or his alias was discovered where he fled to Nigeria and then on to Ghana. In 1966, the government of Ghana handed Schumann back to the German government.

Once the German government got ahold of Schumann they placed him in a German prison and Schumann was sent to a prison infirmary supposedly with "malaria" in 1966. And for some odd reason, Schumann stayed in the prison infirmary, long after being cured of his "malaria" without being charged with any crimes until 1970. After keeping Schumann in a prison infirmary for 4 years, not on any charges, the German government only charged Schumann with the radiation experiments and they did not charge him with any experiments on the women, nor any experiments where he used needles. In 1971, Schumann was excused from his own trial on the grounds that he had "high blood pressure", still in the prison infirmary. And in 1972, Schumann was released from jail altogether and the trial altogether.

Schumann seemed healthy enough after being in the prison infirmary from 1966-1972 after being released and he lived out the rest of his life and died in 1983. (2, 3, 5, 12)

Needles, Needles, Needles - Why Did The Government Try to Keep Schumann's Needles Out of His Charges?

Any person is intelligent enough to figure out that there was something fishy about Schumann's needles, his stay in the prison infirmary, his excusal from trial, and the fact that the German government wanted to keep Schumann's needles out of the picture.

The majority of evidence that the people had against Schumann involved all of his known various experiments involving his needles. We know that in 1941, Schumann was assigned 575 people in the prison camps to put to death by poison in the T4 program. Had Schumann been like most of the doctors, he would have simply gased the prisoners with poison or put poison in their food, but Schumann's pathology was far worse than that. Schumann decided that he wanted to poison the 575 by injection and Schumann's pathology didn't stop there. He could have injected the people with poison in their arms, but he didn't. He could've injected the people with poison in their asses, but he didn't. Schumann himself chose the method of death by poison injection to be in the HEARTS "14f13", August 1941 (12). That is Schumann's true pathological behavior with needles. The government had the documentation to this order Schumann chose to carry out and they didn't charge him with it.

Schumann also conducted injection experiments with diseases, such as injecting people in the camps with diseases like malaria and typhus, to see if after he infected them, if he could cure them. (8) Many people died. Even though the German government had the documentation on these experiments of Schumann's needles, they did not charge him with it.

Schumann's needles also reached into the wombs of many women, injecting them with substances to attempt to sterilize them, but causing ruptures of the fallopian tubes and pelvic inflammatory disease to which many women died. (6) And still, the German government tried it's hardest to keep Schumann's needles out of his charges.

Schumann was only charged with radiation experiments.

The German government did keep Schumann in a prison from 1966-1970 without charging him with anything, but only in a prison infirmary. Logic should dictate that the last place that one would stick a Nazi doctor is in a prison infirmary, for being in a prison infirmary would hardly be punishment, since Nazi doctors carried out most of their experiments in prison-concentration camps infirmaries. Yet, that is where the Germans kept him and released him from 20 years after the war was over.

I presume, even though I'm quite certain that the German government would deny all allegations, that the only reason that they would have kept Schumann in a prison infirmary without charging him, then only charging him with radiation experiments and releasing him from trial and prison on "high blood pressure" is if they had Horst Schumann repeat his prison experiments 20 years later from another prison infirmary, their own. And undoubtedly since they failed to mention all of Schumann's crimes with needles, that his 1966-1972 experiments would have involved Schumann's famed needles.

Schumann is the first and only person who has ever been released from a trial and from prison on the grounds of "high blood pressure."

Then the real problem comes in when trying to do research on what Schumann may have done in Africa. Clearly if Schumann fled Sudan, then the German government would have discovered his alias. Clearly the government of Ghana handed Schumann over on either the same alias or another alias. Yet, Schumann's aliases are not publicly known so that anyone could track him down in Africa to see what he was doing there and I'd find it extremely unlikely that Schumann would be studying "sleeping sickness", when he was a SS doctor involved in the sterilization experiments.

Schumann's needles become the issue in Africa yet again, especially since 9 new viruses appear in Africa which are believed to have sprung up during the time which he claims he was there. It is doubtedly that Schumann would have used clean needles with Africans, because being a Nazi doctor, he would have regarded the African people as "animals." Most Nazi doctors had improper cleaning techniques for sterilization of needles and doctors such as Schumann would have used segregated medicine (only using certain needles on whites and certain needles on blacks).

Clearly, it is a curiosity which anyone would want to know. What were Schumann's aliases in Africa? (so that someone can track him down) And is there any patient of Schumann in Africa that is still alive?

Should the Africans (Sudanese, Nigerians, Ghanan's) trust Schumann's needles, considering that he was a Nazi doctor and killed most of his patients using his needles? Should anyone trust the needles of a man that chooses to poison 575 people by injections in the heart?

Did Schumann continue using his needles to sterilize blacks against their will and without their knowledge in Africa? Was there anything to stop Schumann from using blacks in Africa for unethical experiments like he did to Jews and Gypsies at Auschwitz and Birkenbau? Is there anyone alive who received an injection from Schumann's needles?

All we do know is that the German government didn't want to make the SS Dr. Schumann's aliases public and maybe they figured that if any of Schumann's victims had lived that they would have been sterilized and not had any children to go searching for him or questioning it. We know that the German government kept him in a prison infirmary from 1966-1970 without charging him with anything. We know that when the German government charged Schumann, they intentionally kept Schumann's needles out of the picture even though the majority of evidence against him involved his needles. We know that Schumann was released from trial in 1971 on the grounds of "high blood pressure" and released from prison altogether in 1972, all a hush-hush/secret-secret matter about a SS doctor.


Disclaimer: The following web references were used when writing this and although the factual information came from these sources, the originating sites may have drawn different conclusions from the same facts. The author of this piece has a strength with abstract reasoning along with logistic reasoning thus, usually tends to see what is left out of the facts or what a person or governing authority is hiding with facts, false facts, or by silence. The referring sites may have seen the same facts and not had similar conclusions. The author does however welcome criticism and correction if facts or inferences are incorrect and will change the site if incorrect. The author also welcomes others to dig into the missing facts that she was unable to find to do further reasearch for their own publications, please see what the author would have liked to have had in the section called "NEEDING FURTHER RESEARCH".

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10. Picture of Barracks 15, Birkenau
11. Schumann and the X-ray Stations
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13. Sterilization Letters


These are the things which the author attempted to find but was unable. The author welcomes others to use their connections and research to find the information which she was unable to find and the author welcomes others to publish their research findings or writings on the topic.

1. Horst Schumann's aliases in Africa.
2. The name of the ship which Schumann claimed to be on and where it travelled to from 1950-1955.
3. Where Schumann lived in Sudan.
4. Names of any patients of Schumann in Sudan.
5. Where Schumann was in Nigeria and how long he was there.
6. Names of any patients of Schumann in Nigeria or on his journey from Sudan to Nigeria.
7. Where Schumann was in Ghana.
8. Names of any patients of Schumann in Ghana or on his journey from Nigeria to Ghana.
9. Names of any of the patients of Schumann on the ship from 1950-1955 or any of the cities that it stopped in.
10. How the government of Ghana discovered Schumann, what alias he was using and why they immediately handed him over to the German government.
11. The name of the German prison that Schumann was sent in 1966.
12. The names of other German's or other races in the prisons which may have gone to the infirmary.
13. Any other African countries that Schumann may have lived in that weren't mentioned in the official 'facts.'
14. Any reports of illnesses in those African countries among blacks around where Schumann claimed to be studying "sleeping sickness."
15. If Schumann still practiced medicine after 1972 and if so, where. Or how Schumann earned a living from 1972-1983.

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