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Variances Adolf Hitler Virus Manipulations
Violence Kinsey - 1950s of STDs Those who believed that homosexuals
Sex Revolution-60s were genetically inferior wanted
them sent to the gas chambers.
Others saw homosexuality as a psychological pathology or deviance and since it was the practice of Nazi Germany to kill off such psychological pathologies in their Euthanasia program, those who proposed that theory also wanted the homosexuals to be sent to the prison camp gas chambers for execution (1, 2).

Others felt that Germans were still supreme biologically and that to kill other German men would be wrong. They felt that homosexuality was "cureable" and such doctors began requesting homosexual prison camp men for their experiments to try and cure the homosexuals of their homosexuality (7).

Such was the case with Dr. Carl Vaernet (1893-1965). Dr. Vaernet attempted to "cure" the homosexuals by injecting hormones and different substances in them to see if he could change their sexual orientation. In some cases, Dr. Vaernet would castrate the homosexual men and study them. Many of the homosexual men were executed even after Dr. Vaernet's experiments (6).

After the war, apparently Dr. Vaernet was caught by the British government and he was handed over to the Danish authorities for prosecution for his war crimes against the homosexuals. In the hands of the Danish, Dr. Vaernet disappeared with no reports of any attempted escapes from Danish authorities.

He was located by a Nazi Hunting group/Gay Rights Group known as "Outrage". They located Dr. Vaernet's son in Argentina, but Dr. Vaernet had died (3). The group Outrage has a pretty extensive site covering the confrontations between the British authorities (5) and the Danish authorities (4) and their cover-up for releasing Dr. Vaernet.


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