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Home Unethical Nazi HISTORY OF SEX
Activism & Sex Experiments
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Artificial Insemination
Contraception Ancient Egypt Nazi Rape "Research"
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Breast Removal and on Jews and Gypsies
Dysfunctions Ancient China Skin Collectors
Human Body Early Biblical Although countless women were
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Cancer Experiments raped in the prison camps, some
Law & Sex Ancient Greece On Women and Their of the doctors would ask for
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Reproductive Organs healthy women for the purposes
Paraphilias Aztec Empire of raping them, cutting out their
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire "Curing" Homosexuality reproductive organs and then
Pregnancy Native Americans murdering them. One such doctor
Relationships Roman Empire Rape "Research" on was Dr. Hermann Stieve (1886-1952)
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Jews and Gypsies of the Institute of Anatomy at
Research Renaissance/Reformation the University of Berlin (3).
STDs Puritans Sterilization Program
Societies Victorianism Dr. Stieve would request women
Variances Adolf Hitler Virus Manipulations for experiments claiming that he
Violence Kinsey - 1950s of STDs wanted to study their bodies for
Sex Revolution-60s anatomy (autopsies) and to see
if their reproductive systems
could handle "stress" or if they were "weak" reproductive systems. When Dr. Stieve was granted his prisoners for his research, he would have the prison guards rape the Jewish and Gypsy women. Whether Dr. Stieve and others from the University of Berlin participated as well is unknown.

After the women had been raped, then were killed in the concentration camps and their bodies were given back to Dr. Stieve for the purposes of anatomical studies, mainly of the reproductive systems of the raped women. Dr. Stieve would claim to be tracing the path of sperm in the uterus and fallopian tubes of the raped women on the autopsies. In other cases he claimed to see if the reproductive organs could handle "stress" of being raped upon autopsy (2, 3, 4, 5).

Dr. Hermann Stieve actually published his "research" based on the rapes of the women and he claimed that because he had done autopsies on raped women, that supposedly all women were inferior to men and had "weak" reproductive systems that could "easily be injured."

After WWII, Dr. Stieve continued to teach anatomy at the University of Berlin and no charges were ever brought against him. He gave countless lectures to the students at the university about raping the women in the prison camps and "women's" weakness of their reproductive systems. Instead, the Berlin Charite Hospital honored Dr. Stieve on behalf of his research on women's reproductive systems. They awarded him with a bust/statue of him on the university and an entire lecture hall was named after him at the University of Berlin (1, 2, 4, 5).


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2. Medicine and Murder in the Third Reich

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5. Nuremberg Lamentation: The Forgotten Victims


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