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Home Unethical Nazi HISTORY OF SEX
Activism & Sex Experiments
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Artificial Insemination
Contraception Ancient Egypt Nazi Artificial Insemination
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Breast Removal and
Dysfunctions Ancient China Skin Collectors Dr. Karl Clauberg is the only
Human Body Early Biblical named doctor to have worked
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Cancer Experiments with the artificial insemination
Law & Sex Ancient Greece On Women and Their experiments, however, there may
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Reproductive Organs be others who worked in such a
Paraphilias Aztec Empire program such as his assistant
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire "Curing" Homosexuality Johannes Golbel (14).
Pregnancy Native Americans
Relationships Roman Empire Rape "Research" on Dr. Clauberg (1898-1956) was
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Jews and Gypsies primarily part of the sterilization
Research Renaissance/Reformation program in Block 10 of Auschwitz (2).
STDs Puritans Sterilization Program He performed sterilization by
Societies Victorianism injections using substances
Variances Adolf Hitler Virus Manipulations like formalin, novacain, progynon,
Violence Kinsey - 1950s of STDs prolusion, iodipirin, F12a, and
Sex Revolution-60s citobarium (7, 3, 4, 6).
Although most would think that sterilization should have meant that the Jews, blacks and gypsies stay alive, the fact was that many of the women died from the complications of these substances injected into their uteruses. Some suffered from periotonitus, inflammation of the ovaries, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, inflammation of the uterus (all of which is known as a condition called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease accompanied by a fever that can kill a woman if not treated) (1, 8, 11, 12, 19).

Of those women that did survive the injections, Dr. Clauberg would remove their ovaries for analysis and/or perform hysterectomies (15) still leaving the women alive, but then all of those who survived were sent to the gas chambers after the paperwork for each experiment was completed (2, 13, 17, 18).

Of the reports from survivors rescued at the end of the war, Dr. Clauberg was apparently also doing artificial insemination experiments with an unknown sperm substance. He told the women that he had put animal sperm inside them and that they had beasts growing in their bellies. Whether it was truly human sperm or animal sperm is unknown (16, 20).

What also seems to be unknown is if any of the inseminated women came to term with any of the children. There are reports of Dr. Clauberg removing their uteruses, ovaries and fallopian tubes after the experiment. Surely Dr. Karl Clauberg could not have been the only doctor on this project, but at present, he is the only doctor named in connection to such Artificial Insemination Experiments (9, 16, 20).

Dr. Clauberg also conducted sterilization experiments on the men in the concentration camps and was part of the x-ray experiments and castration experiments that Dr. Schumann and others did (10).

Dr. Clauberg was tried by the Russians and sentenced to prison. He only served seven years of his sentence before his died (5). The whereabouts of Dr. Clauberg's assistant (14), Johannes Golbel are unknown.


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