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Home Unethical Nazi HISTORY OF SEX
Activism & Sex Experiments
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Artificial Insemination
Contraception Ancient Egypt Nazi Cancer Experiments on Women
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Breast Removal and and Their Reproductive Organs
Dysfunctions Ancient China Skin Collectors
Human Body Early Biblical The known Nazi cancer experimenters
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Cancer Experiments were Dr. Eduard Wirths (?-1945) of
Law & Sex Ancient Greece On Women and Their Auschwitz and his brother
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Reproductive Organs Dr. Helmut Wirths (3).
Paraphilias Aztec Empire
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire "Curing" Homosexuality Young women and older women were
Pregnancy Native Americans used in the experiments which
Relationships Roman Empire Rape "Research" on involved purposely implanting
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Jews and Gypsies cancerous cells into women's
Research Renaissance/Reformation uteruses, cervixes, and
STDs Puritans Sterilization Program ovaries. The purpose was to
Societies Victorianism intentfully give those women of
Variances Adolf Hitler Virus Manipulations all ages uterine cancer, cervical
Violence Kinsey - 1950s of STDs cancer and ovarian cancer to
Sex Revolution-60s study the cancer growths.
There are no reports of doctors
making any attempts to cure the cancers once they had intentionally infected the women. The only known reports are that once the implantation of the cancer cells had occured, the women also had portions of their reproductive organs removed to prevent sexual intercourse. The process of cancer-cell implantation by the doctors, either purposely or because the doctors were poorly trained also caused scarring within the uterus and the cervix, preventing pregnancy for the purpose of sterilization (1).

After a certain time, the actual uteruses were removed in hysterectomies, however, being that the cancer had been successfully transplanted, many of the women only lived a year or year and a half after this experiment or illnesses followed the hysterectomy because of unclean surgical processes (1).

At the end of WWII, the British captured Dr. Eduard Wirths who committed suicide. The oddity is that many of the survivors at the camps actually claimed that he was nice or nicer to them then the other Germans (2). In Eduard Wirth's suicide note he said, "I tried, according to my Christian belief, to help the sick prisoners..." (4)

The whereabouts of his brother, Dr. Helmut Wirths who was also involved in the experiments are unknown.


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from Trial of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess, Section (3) E.

2. Letters from Dr. Eduard Wirths About Auschwitz

3. Nazi Doctors

4. SS Doctor Eduard Wirths

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