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Northeast Tribes: MICMAC

The Micmac Language is part of the Algonquian Language Family. Men have many ceremonies throughout their life. They have a ceremony for their first tooth, a ceremony for their first step and a ceremony for their first hunting kill. When a boy kills large game, then he becomes a man. Brothers and sisters avoid one another. When a boy desires a bride, he does bride service to the girl's father for two years. The end of it is marked by eating a feast. Sometimes marriages are arranged by parents. Childbirth was assisted by older women and immediately after, the baby's mother resumes the activity that she was engaged in. The baby was washed and placed on a cradle board. Children were nursed for two or three years, during which the mother avoided pregnancies or terminated them. Bearing illegitimate children is considered a sign of fertility, seen as favorable to a woman, rather than a stigma. Children are raised in the household of the mother's parents.

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