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Activism & Sex
Arts & Sensuality Africa Chukchee of Siberia ASIA
Commercial Sex Asia Dahari of India
Contraception Australia Dani of New Guinea Mangaia of Cook Island
Disabilities/Illnesses Europe Mangaia of Cook Island
Dysfunctions North America Muria of India Boys about the age of 13-14 go through
Human Body South America Pagan Gaddang:Philippines sexual instruction: emphasis placed upon
History of Sex Tre-ba of Tibet techniques of coitus, cunnilingus, kissing,
Law & Sex Troibands sucking, & bringing their female partners
Love & Intimacy Trukese of Micronesia to orgasm several times before they
Paraphilias ejaculate. The pubertal boys are
Pleasures of Sex taught this through physical
Pregnancy instruction by older women in the
Relationships society. There is great competition
Religion & Sex among females for sexual techniques and
Research little emotional involvement. Women give
STDs men a virility test which requires that a
Societies man be successful without making any
Variances contact with the woman's body, other than
Violence the genitalia. If a man does not meet the
standards, he risks losing sexual partners.
Marriage is for different reasons:
companionship, economic factors, family
name. Upon marriage, the woman is
expected to stay with only the husband,
while the men are encouraged to have
multiple partners. Before marriage, both
girls & boys are encouraged to have
multiple partners.
Further Reading
Jankowiak, W. (1995) Romanticism: A
Universal Experience. New York:
Columbia University Press.
Marshall, D. S. (1971) "Sexual Behavior in
Mangaia." (103-162) in Human Sexual
Behavior. New York: Basic Books.
Mangaia of Cook Island Links
Geography: Mangaia
History of the Cook Islands
Mangaia: Personal Memoir
Cook Islands Guide

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