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Just look around and notice how many Americans are seriously overweight! Weight-loss is achieved by eating sensibly, combined with activity and exercise. We suggest that persons who are serious about losing and controlling body weight view The Cambridge Weight Loss Plan. This is an easy plan to follow that really works!

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Activism & Sex
Arts & Sensuality Body Art LITERATURE
Commercial Sex Dancing
Contraception Galleries Aphrodite's Forum
Disabilities/Illnesses Goodies Akasha's Web
Dysfunctions Literature All About Romance Novels
Human Body Techniques Arabian Nights Book Online
History of Sex Videos-Educational Banned Books Online
Law & Sex Banned Classical Erotica: From Aristophanes to Whitman
Love & Intimacy Blacklisted Journalist: The Smith Street Strangler
Paraphilias Books on Oriental Sex, Pleasures and Charm
Pleasures of Sex Classic Chinese Erotic Literature
Pregnancy Dark Room
Relationships Erotic and Romantic Short Stories: BellaOnline
Religion & Sex Erotica Readers and Writers Association
Research Etchings Press: Erotic Literature for Women and Couples
STDs Eunuch Archive
Societies International Journal of Eroticism
Variances Kama Shastra Online
Violence Kama Sutra: 1883 Version Online
Outlaw Bible of American Poetry: Review
Petticoat Punishment in Erotic Literature
Pink Flamingo Press
Romance Reader: Latest News and Reviews
Romance Authors Page
Romantic Times
Sacred Texts
World Sex News Daily
World Sex Records

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