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Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: KUTCHIN

The Kutchin Language is part of the Athabaskan Language family. There were different kinds of relationship structures. There was monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry. Marriages were arranged by parents at the mother's initiative and the couple would go live with the bride's parents. In polyandrous relations, a wife married two or three brothers. When brothers could afford more wives, they would gain another changing the relationship into double swapping pairs. High ranking men, such as chiefs, could also be polygynous, but there was no report of more than two wives. At puberty, boys were kicked out of the home and sent to live in a lodge with other boys. At menarche, the girl went to a separate section of the parent's home. She was attended by a mature woman, usually past menopause. Taboos during the 10 days around menstruation were placed on all women, such as no sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse was also to be avoided in child bearing and while the mother was nursing, but it was not strictly enforced.

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