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Arts & Sensuality News About the Webmaster and Her Federal Injunction Against the City of Phoenix
Commercial Sex
Contraception James Hays Wants TaxPayers to Pay for His and CityWorkers' STDs
Dysfunctions Being that I'm probably one of the few women in the world that has
Human Body 10 years of medical documentation showing that I've never contracted any
History of Sex STDs of any kind, I proudly and boldly bring you this story.
Law & Sex
Love & Intimacy
Paraphilias Back in the late 1980s, James Hays was employed as an assistant to the Phoenix City
Pleasures of Sex Attorney's Office. During this time, he was a regular at the infamous "Avanti's Ristorante".
Pregnancy Avanti's was more famed back then for their Phoenix Suns' Scandal in which the owner of the
Relationships restaurant had paid a Phoenix Suns basketball player to loose a game so that he could win a
Religion & Sex gambling bet. And to this day, all Phoenix Suns basketball players have a clause in their
Research contracts prohibiting them from Avanti's Ristorante because of the incident.
Societies Coming from the mouths of the employees, James Hays used to be a regular at this
Variances restaurant, throwing money around and buying $100 bottles of wine. Because of
Violence Avanti's location, there were strippers, prostitute masseuses and prostitute escorts
who also had their offices located nearby. Some would go have a drink at the bar or eat.
It is understandable why these adult business workers would be there, because the location
of the bar/restaurant was near the zoning for adult businesses. What's not clear is why
Hays and other attorneys from the attorneys office were there so frequently. Avanti's
is no where near their home locations, and the Phoenix City attorney's office is a good
10-12 mile drive from Avanti's. Thus it means that such city employees went out of their
way to go to this restaurant, near strippers, prostitute masseuses and prostitute escorts.
Apparently, sometimes Hays brought in others working for the City Attorney's Office, sometimes law enforcement officers, sometimes elected officials, sometimes other city employees, sometimes judges, and there were times that he even brought in a girlfriend or two.
Strippers claimed that Hays and other city workers would hit on them. Some of the prostitutes claimed to be insulted because Hays would boastfully try to get "freebies" from them, hinting around that he worked for the City Attorney's Office and that he hinted to giving them favors in exchange for sex. The prostitute escorts of the time were upset because they usually were paid $200/hr and Hays wanted a "freebie" in exchange for favors in the City Attorney's Office. Hays past credit card records reflect this as do his present spending habits at restaurants. There's plenty of witnesses through the years either willing to come forward voluntarily or as hostile witnesses. When the media press coverage happened at Avanti's over the Phoenix Suns Scandal, Hays and other city employees disappeared. They didn't want to be seen on cameras at the restaurant even though it was a favorite hangout place for those city officials.
After that point in time, those elected and hired city officials promoted Hays placing him in charge of all adult businesses in the 1990s. Bear in mind that the elected and hired city officials that put Hays in charge of adult businesses WERE ALREADY AWARE of his habits with prostitutes and strippers at Avanti's, because they used to go there with him.
Since the 1990s, Hays has played a double-sided, false-faced game with all adult businesses. He tries to lie to the public, lying to appeal to the "moral majority", when the man doesn't have a clue as to what morality is. A good example would be what happened with the adult heterosexual swingers' clubs. In 1998, all adult businesses went under modification of their laws. Hays recommended to the City Council that they drop OUTCALL escort services from all law modifications (for Hays personal convenience). Simultaneously, he lied to the public claiming to want to get rid of heterosexual swingers' clubs as a "moral" issue because they were having sex. Yet, at the same time, James Hays told all homosexual swingers clubs that this did not effect them, because he didn't want to "intrude" upon their sexual orientation. So it was OK for gay men to swing and have orgies, which Hays claimed was "moral", but it was supposedly not OK for heterosexuals to swing and have orgies, because Hays claimed that it was "immoral." Cabarets, strip clubs, adult bookstores all had law modifications EXCEPT for outcall escort services. In fact, since Hays was placed in charge of all adult businesses, he has intentionally avoided modifying the old escort bureau laws to make them constitutionally sound and he also claims that it's a "moral" issue for the City of Phoenix to violate First Amendment rights for the sake of "morals".
Then to top it off, James Hays has harassed an abstinent woman since 2000 telling attorneys in other cities to refuse to issue or renew her escort license, because the abstinent woman is not not a prostitute. Hays demands that the abstinent woman "prove" that "men would want anything less than a prostitute from an escort" (a direct quote from Hays' letter). And once again Hays claims this is a "moral" issue to stop an abstinent woman from being an escort because she won't have sex with city employees and she doesn't want attorneys from the City Attorney's office as clients considering their 20 year reputation of them reportedly having sex with prostitutes.
"Morals," as you can see, have nothing to do with Hays' actions. To spell it out in simple terms, there is only one perspective that fits all of Hays' "moral" claims. Hays wanted to get rid of Heterosexual Swingers' clubs, not because of "morals" but because female swingers were having sex in clubs for free. Prostitute escorts and masseuses charge money for sex. Simultaneously in that year, Hays wanted to drop outcall escorts, like the ones that he used to hang out with at Avanti's on a regular basis, from all law modifications (1998). Homosexual swingers were still allowed to have sex in clubs and orgies, because they were mainly all male clubs, no women. The issue back in 1998 was that heterosexual female swingers had sex for free, which is why Hays got rid of their licenses. Gay swingers were still allowed. And prostitute escorts, who charged money were dropped from all law modifications.
Then in 2000, Hays was angry because some escorts were not prostitutes so he sought to get rid of them, because those escorts refused to engage in prostitution. And that's why Hays refuses to issue escort licenses to known-abstinent women because he knows they won't engage in prostitution which makes Hays angry, because after his 20 year history with prostitutes, the man has a mental problem. Hays now tries to treat all women like property, like the prostitutes that he's been hanging around with since the 1980s. Hays has NO MORALS. When any woman tries to bring forth the truth, Hays accuses all of them of being "crazy" and then he pretends to be a "victim." Once again, the TYPICAL behavior of men that have sex with prostitutes FREQUENTLY. Men who don't engage in prostitution, don't behave like Hays.
What do you think is more crazy? Hays trying to claim that he's a "victim" after he voluntarily stuck his penis in prostitutes and strippers for 20 years and him being confronted about all the witnesses who saw him with prostitutes in public bars? Or women confronting Hays about his 20 year prostitution/stripper habits and telling him to go die of AIDS after he's been FREQUENTLY sticking his penis in prostitutes for 20 years?
In the meantime, Hays handling of adult businesses and how he, Vice cops, and other attorneys/judges have been dealing with prostitute escorts has caused the City of Phoenix to have more cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, condyloma and syphilis cases than San Francisco. Right at the time that Hays and the city officials were hanging out at Avanti's back in the 1980s, syphilis first hit the valley and then went into a gradual decline, until Hays promotion. After Hays was promoted to being in charge of adult businesses, syphilis has increased to 5 times the National Average across the Phoenix metropolitan area. That would make James Hays the Syphilis King of the USA, because no other city in the US has skyrocketed in syphilis figures in any state like Phoenix has because of prostitution which Hays is trying to keep under his thumb. Hays does not want Phoenix to require that escorts be screened for STDs, even though licenses are only issued to known-prostitutes and abstinent women, non-prostitute dancers are refused escort licenses. And I want you to think carefully about this issue. If a city employee had been having sex with prostitutes frequently for 20 years, then clearly such an employee would already have contracted numerous sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, such said city employee would actually be giving diseases to prostitutes, rather than the prostitutes giving diseases to the city employee. If escorts had disease screening required, and if they contracted a sexually transmitted disease from a city employee who had previously had sex with prostitutes for 20 years, then by forensic evidence of the specificity of a disease, then it could be proven who had contracted which disease from whom. James Hays who has knowingly and publicly been seen with prostitutes that the City of Phoenix had licensed as escorts, for the last 20 years doesn't want these escorts, whether they be prostitutes or not, to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases and he has recommended that the City Council not screen them since he has been employed.
Most city employees that do engage in prostitution think that with condoms that they can't catch any other diseases. But through oral sex with prostitutes without condoms, men can catch chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes and even HIV. There's plenty of evidence of gay men who contracted HIV only through oral sex-same for heterosexuals. Condyloma, genital warts, are usually contracted by men that were wearing condoms, skin/skin contact. Since condyloma, HPV, is a virus, even if the warts are chemically treated, burned off, or "frozen", the virus still exists under the skin and such infected persons can still transmit it with no visible warts. Herpes victims have apparently caught them not only through sex without condoms, but also sex with condoms if their skin came into contact with a mucus area, oral sex, and there's some reports of herpes cases where the men contracted them in unusual spots, like on a cut on their elbow, because they received a massage from a woman who had herpes blisters on their fingers. And if said fingers were placed on a penis, men have a slight chance of catching herpes that way too, although, slightly more rare.
So, controlling the disease aspect would be nearly impossible unless there was weekly, 2x's weekly screenings of prostitutes for diseases in an urban environment. But in the meantime, Hays has expected you to pay the medical bills for him, all other city attorneys, city employees (cops, assistants, clerks), and politicians, INCLUDING all the ones that used to hang out with Hays at Avanti's with prostitutes since the 1980s. Why do these government employees think that they get to have a private sex life, when the public pays for not only their salaries, but also their medical bills? If they want a private sex life, then they need to quit their government jobs so that they are no longer paid their salaries by public funds, and they need to go get a job in the private sector. Government employees, especially tax-paid city attorneys, do not get the freedom of a private sex life where they get to do whatever they want sexually, like having sex with prostitutes for 20 years, when the taxpayers pay their medical benefits.
James Hays, Assistant City Attorney, disagrees. Hays has contended in writing that he claims that because he is an attorney for the City of Phoenix, that he cannot be prosecuted for his actions. Which reminds the public all too well of another attorney named Bill Clinton. Clinton thought that he could lie under oath about his sexual misconduct and that because he was an attorney, AND the president of the United States, that he couldn't be prosecuted for his sexual misconduct and perjury. Even though dear Bill was President of the United States and an attorney, in the end, he lost his license to practice law as an agreement. But James Hays thinks he's such a special attorney, that he actually thinks that he's more powerful than Clinton. All Clinton did was lie under oath about his sexual misconduct. Hays on the other hand, has been seen with prostitutes and reported as having sex with prostitutes for 20 years. And just as Hays always uses the same ol' lines upon confrontation, he would claim to be the "victim" if confronted on the TRUTH and he would claim to be "disgusted" at the accusation. It's the TRUTH. And do you know what else is true? James Hays IS the disgusting one. When you think of James Hays, think of him for what he is.

Are you disgusted by this man's claims to "morals"?
Engage in your First Amendment right to Free Speech as you pay his salary.
Send an e-mail to your elected politicians about Hays!
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