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Activism & Sex
Arts & Sensuality News About the Webmaster and Her Federal Injunction Against the City of Phoenix
Commercial Sex
Contraception The HOW and WHY Phoenix Officials Try to Take Away 1st Amendment Rights From Escorts
Dysfunctions WHY? Money, Power, Greed, Control, Controlling Women's Bodies.
Human Body
History of Sex HOW? Be wary of any man that tells escorts not to dance.
Law & Sex
Love & Intimacy For decades, escorts across America have provided nude dancing. It's just a part
Paraphilias of being an escort. Topless and Nude dancing are protected by the First Amendment. They have
Pleasures of Sex been First Amendment protected activities for 25 years solid at both the Federal Circuit
Pregnancy Judiciary and even at the U.S. Supreme Court (1981).
Religion & Sex What does that mean to be protected by the First Amendment? Well it means that
Research it would be an unconstitutional prior restraint to try and request that a person obtain
STDs a "license" to engage in a constitutionally protected activity, such as nude dancing.
Variances It would mean that if a City required licenses for a constitutionally protected activity,
Violence that they wouldn't be able to refuse such licenses to anyone, and they would have great
difficulty trying to take away a person's license to a First Amendment protected activity.
It would mean that if a City required licenses for a constitutionally protected activity,
that if they denied, suspended or revoked such a license, they would have to provide
judicial review of that city official decision, rather than leaving it in the hands of
city officials.
It would mean that ONE-HALF of Phoenix's Escort Ordinances would/could/and should be
declared unconstitutional, because those Ordinances have been unconstitutional for
a very long time.
Ever notice how men with strong connections to Phoenix City Officials try to stop escorts
from dancing? There is a motive behind that and it is a motive of control.
You see, if you are an escort and you don't do topless or nude dances, then you don't have
any First Amendment rights as an escort. Only through topless and nude dancing are
you protected by the United States Constitution.
So be weary of any man who tries to stop an escort from dancing, even if the man
pretends to be a supporter of escorts. There is a motive. And that motive is to try and
take away your First Amendment rights. You see, without First Amendment rights, then it puts
complete control of City Officials, City Attorneys, City Councilmembers, and Police Control over
women's bodies. And that's exactly what these male city officials want to keep, their control
over women's bodies. They don't want to make their Ordinances constitutionally sound, because
they like the money they make off this, they like the power over another gender.
These City Officials and friends of theirs who may have been city officials at one time or another
will tell you that they support "escorts", but if they tell you not to dance, they don't support you,
they just want to take away the solid First Amendment rights that you have through dancing as an escort.
By doing that, then they control women's bodies. That's really the agenda.
WHY? Money, Power, Greed, Control. Such reasons would make men try anything.
If you are an escort and you do dance topless and/or full-nude, you ARE PROTECTED BY THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.
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