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Activism & Sex Clades
Arts & Sensuality Cervicitis, Prostatitis Classes/Groups Clades, Classes/Groups, Types/Subtypes,
Commercial Sex & Urethritis Types/Subtypes Mutations of HIV & Testing
Contraception Chancroid & Syphilis Mutations of HIV
Disabilities/Illnesses Chlamydia & Gonorrhea & Testing Article: HIV Mutations: Breakdown of HIV Types
Dysfunctions Hepatitis A through G Ask the Expert: A New Infection with
Human Body Herpes - Type 1 & 2 Images of an Undetectable Viral Load
History of Sex HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS Bayer Acquires Rights to Group O HIV-1
Law & Sex Parasite STDs Bayer Offers First Group O Test 8/2003
Love & Intimacy Trichomoniasis Organizations for CDC: HIV-2
Paraphilias Vaginosis/Gardnerella and Facts About Cellular Immune Response of Clade C
Pleasures of Sex Venereal Warts/Condyloma HIV/AIDS Concerns About HIV Testing and Measurement
Pregnancy Yeast Infections Cross-Clade (B-E) CTL in Thai Subjects
Relationships Origin Theories Evidence for Five HIV-1 Group O Subtypes (PDF)
Religion & Sex Other STDs on HIV/AIDS Distinctive Clade B HIV is Hetero-Transmitted
Research Failure of Early Detection of a NON-B Clade
STDs General Information Statistics and False Negatives (ELISA) and HIV-2
Societies Various Articles False Negatives in Non-B Clades: Chapter 2
Variances on HIV/AIDS False-Negative Results for HIV Group O in U.S.
Violence False Positive Viral Loads: Inaccuracy HIV Tests
False Security of Mandatory Testing for AIDS
FDA Grants Clearance of HIV Genotyping
FDA's Report on Porosity of Latex and Which Viruses Can Pass Through (scroll down)
First Group O Infection Reported in U.S. Upon Death While Testing Negative
Group O Analysis of Norweigean Patients in 1960s
Group O Identified, Los Angeles County 1996
Group O Infections in Cameroon, 1986-1998
HIV Resistance May Be Clade Dependent
HIV-1 Genetic Variability
Immunotherapy of HIV: On the Horizon?
Isolation of HIV-2
Longitudinal Analysis of Clade C HIV-1
Longitudinal Analysis of Mutations: Clade C
Mollecular Relationship Between Group N and SIV
Mutations in Clade C from Efavirenz Medication
Negative HIV Tests with AIDS!
New HIV Strain (Group N) Pose Health Concerns
Penetration of Blood-Borne Pathogens
Prevention of Sexual HIV Transmission: Subtypes
Recombination in HIV: An Important Viral Evolutionary Strategy
Relationships Between Subtype F
Separate Testing for HIV-2 in U.S.
Subtype Surveillance of Group O & N in the U.S.
Subtypes of HIV-2
Thailand Research: Detection of HIV-1 (Clade E)
Transmission of Non-B and HIV-2 in the U.S.
Warning: False Negatives with 3 Rapid HIV Tests

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