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Southwest Tribes: HAVASUPAI

The Havasupai Language is part of the Yuman Language family. The Havasupai have a bilateral kinship system. There was no formal marriage, but open cohabitation with parental approval. A boy could do several things to obtain a mate. He might go to the girl's father to ask for his approval. He could simply creep into the girl's home at night and if the girl did not like the boy, she could drive him away. At first the couple had a matrilocal residency and immediately after, they went to live with the man's family. At menarche, the girl was given a buckskin stained red ochre and had to wear it for four nights. There was taboo against meat placed on women menstruating. Child birth was aided by the mother and a close relative. At birth, the infant's face and body was painted with red ochre and after two weeks, the baby was placed on a cradle board.

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Havasupai Indian Reservation
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Southwest Indian Peoples: Havasupai
Supai and the Havasupai Reservation

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