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Activism & Sex Cave Peoples
Arts & Sensuality TIME LINE Dorians of the South
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Minoans of Crete Aegean Islands
Contraception Ancient Egypt Myceneans of Greece
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India The Myceneans fell to the
Dysfunctions Ancient China Etruscans of Italy Dorians c. 1200 BC. They
Human Body Early Biblical Sicani/Siculi of Sicily moved across South Asia
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Iberians/Celts of Spain Minor into the South Aegean
Law & Sex Ancient Greece islands from Melos to Rhodes
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Dorians: South in the eight century BC.
Paraphilias Aztec Empire Aegean Islands
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire Ionians: North Aegean Each little island and area
Pregnancy Native Americans Amazons had their own deity and
Relationships Roman Empire principle sets of deities.
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Phoenician Empire Some were similar to Mycenean
Research Renaissance/Reformation Greeks and others seem to be
STDs Puritans Persian Empire an acculturation of natives
Societies Victorianism who already live in those
Variances Adolf Hitler regions along with the Dorians
Violence Kinsey - 1950s own deities.
Sex Revolution-60s

On Rhodes, the main god to the Dorians was Herakles, god of the transvestites with a cult following.
Meanwhile, the Dorian tribe of Hylleis claimed descent from Hyllos the son of Herakles in special rites.
The Greeks labelled all mother-earth figure goddess worship as "Demeter worship." However, some of the
characteristics and reigns of these mother-earth figure goddesses may have been very different from
Demeter. Both Kalymos and Thera had Demeter-type mother earth goddesses as the main deity and men were
excluded from these cults. In Lindos and Rhodes they worshipped a Dionysos type of deity who took on
alternate names such as Propoleos or Kathegemon. In Greek mythology, Dionysos was more of a theatre
god, but to these peoples, he was more of a god of vegetation.

On Rhodes, Athena type cults had male priests instead of female priestesses. Artemis was depicted as
a virgin goddess concerned with childbirth. On Kos, Athena was called Alseia and women gave sacrifices
of pregnant ewes to her.

Basileia was the name given to a deity that was a cross between Hera and Aphrodite. In Pandemos, this
same goddess was mainly a goddess to prostitutes or courtesans, sexual, but lacking the intellectual
element. Other names for her were Hypakoos and Paphia.

Further Readings on the Dorians of the South Aegean Islands:

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