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Southeast Tribes: CREEK

The Creek Language is a part of the Muskogean Language family. The Creek had 40 distinct matrilineal clans and they also had separate animal clans. Girls were educated by their eldest maternal aunt. At menarche, girls were secluded from the rest of the tribe. Unmarried women had sexual freedom but they were expected to calm down a little after having children. All Creek bathed before each meal. The Creek also had a class system, including a class of prostitutes. If a man were interested in a woman, he would have his female relatives propose to the girl's family. Before a man could marry, he had to prove that he could hunt and build houses. There was polygyny, with the permission of the wife, but the husband had to build a separate house for the second wife. There was a mother-in-law taboo between the husband and the wife's mother. Widows had to stay single for four years after their husband's death.

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