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Arts & Sensuality TIME LINE Canaanites
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Ammonites
Contraception Ancient Egypt Amorites The Canaanites had a similar religious
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Canaanites and sex customs structure to Ancient
Dysfunctions Ancient China Hittites Mesopotamia. They were polytheistic
Human Body Early Biblical Israelites and their Gods and Goddesses had
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Moabites similar names and animal symbols
Law & Sex Ancient Greece Philistines to Mesopotamian deities.
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire
Paraphilias Aztec Empire Athtart (Canaan)=Astarte=Ashtoreth=
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire Ashtart=Ishtar (Babylonian)
Pregnancy Native Americans
Relationships Roman Empire Athtart was the goddess of human
Religion & Sex Middle Ages fertility and sex and a consort of Baal.
Research Renaissance/Reformation
STDs Puritans Baal (Canaan)=Baal-Zephon=
Societies Victorianism Hadad=Pidar=Repiu
Variances Adolf Hitler
Violence Kinsey - 1950s Baal was the god of the fertility
Sex Revolution-60s of the land, clouds, lightning and
thunder and a warrior. The Bible
usually wrongly associates Hadad with a 'fertility cult' which is generally assumed to mean prostitutes
and open sex, however, Hadad was the god of the fertility of land and animals, not people.

Anat (Canaan) = Anath = Rahmay

Anat was Baal's sister and a virgin. She was depicted as an archer, a hunter and a warrior.

Ashera (Canaan) = Athirat

Ashera was the mother of all the gods. In some books, she is also referred to as Athtart, but
it is difficult to tell if the two are separate deities or one deity.

The Canaanites also did a lot of trading with other peoples and it seems that Canaanites also borrowed
their gods and goddesses.

Bes (Egypt) : Clay figurines were found of Bes in archeaological digs of Canaanite cities.
Seth (Egypt) : Egyptian style figurines of Seth, which may also have been used for the Canaanite Baal.
Bethshan (Egypt) : A fertility goddess of Egypt found in a figurine, naked profile wearing an Egyptian wig.
Sin (Babylonia) : The moon god, god of the night, god of nightly activities such as sex.
Qadshu (Sumerian) = Qodesh = Qetesh (Egypt) : A goddess of fertility or basically 'sex', with an entire
temple of 'holy prostitutes' known as 'qodshu,' 'qadshu', later called 'q'desha'. Sumerians were a part of Ancient Mesopotamia.

Canaanite women were well adorned with jewelry. They wore anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even nose-rings which
were mainly made of gold. They had mirrors and they wore eye-makeup. They also made and wore perfume. Canaanites wives were
purchased from their families with bride-prices.

For Further Reading on the Canaanites:

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