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Southeast Tribes: CADDO

The Caddo speak from the Caddoan Language family. Caddo society consisted of matrilineal clans. In the winter, both men and women would wear deer skins. During the summer, they stayed virtually naked. Men had elaborate hair decorations and women painted themselves and had tattoos. There was no formal wedding ceremony. If a man desired a woman, he would try to find the best gift he could manage and give it to a woman. If she accepted, they'd have sex and considered the act of sex 'marriage.' Sometimes these marriages would only last a few days and women were allowed to accept gifts from several different men, and also engage in sexual relations with those different men with no repercussions. There were some cases of polygyny. Caddo women nurse their babies for long periods of time, into their childhood. If they became pregnant while nursing, they attempted to get rid of the unborn or newly born child.

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