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Arctic and Subarctic Tribes: BEOTHUK

The Beothuk are unique tribe that are unfortunately extinct. Since they were located off the Newfoundland coast, it is believed that they were one of two tribes that the Vikings met. They had a unique language, different in background from all other North American tribes: the Beothukan language isolate. When the French came into contact with the Beothuk in the 1500s, the Beothuks attempted to share everything. According to Beothuk tribal rules, all fish caught were for everyone to share. The French considered them 'thieves' and began killing them off with their guns. The French went a step further and hired other tribes to kill off the Beothuk placing a bounty on their heads. By the early 1700s, the Beothuk were practically extinct and those still alive were hiding among other tribes. In the 1800s, they tried to create a Beothuk society, but it was too late. The last known Beothuk alive was Nancy Shawanandit who died in 1829.

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