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Home Paleolithic HISTORY OF SEX
Activism & Sex Cave Peoples
Arts & Sensuality TIME LINE Amazons
Commercial Sex Mesopotamia Minoans of Crete
Contraception Ancient Egypt Myceneans of Greece Most historians refer to the
Disabilities/Illnesses Ancient India Amazons as a myth, conjured
Dysfunctions Ancient China Etruscans of Italy up by a bunch of horny Greek
Human Body Early Biblical Sicani/Siculi of Sicily military men who were dreaming
History of Sex Early Mediterranean Iberians/Celts of Spain of an island of military women.
Law & Sex Ancient Greece
Love & Intimacy Incan Empire Dorians: South But considering the number of
Paraphilias Aztec Empire Aegean Islands female dominant peoples in this
Pleasures of Sex Mayan Empire Ionians: North Aegean area prior to the rise of the
Pregnancy Native Americans Amazons Greeks, it may very well be
Relationships Roman Empire possible that these Amazons
Religion & Sex Middle Ages Phoenician Empire did exist and lived nearby.
Research Renaissance/Reformation
STDs Puritans Persian Empire The Minoans, for example, had
Societies Victorianism a monotheistic female deity
Variances Adolf Hitler who reigned over war and
Violence Kinsey - 1950s sports. There is nothing in
Sex Revolution-60s either the Early or Middle

Minoan periods to suggest that men even engaged in wars. It was the female deities and women
depicted with swords and battle-axes. Not until the Late Minoan period did a male deity appear.
At first he was an agricultural god and later, he began to carry weapons.

There could have been other peoples in the Mediterranean who were female dominant matriarchies or
simply cults to a war-like female deity who fought and bore arms. The Greek Amazon myth suggests
that the Amazons came from a region over by Turkey in Asia Minor. But no one is really certain as
to which civilization that they were referring to so it was dismissed as myth.

In more recent years, up in the Ukraine area, a warrior woman was discovered preserved in ice upon
burial. Part of her skin was intact with elaborate tattoos up and down her arms. She was the height
that the Greeks suggested that the Amazons were. She was a warrior priestess of some sort, armed with
all sorts of weapons and buried with her horses and possessions.

Although the warrior priestess of the Ukraine was not from the area that the Greeks claimed the
Amazons originated, it is very possible that any of the small groupings of people during this time
could have been an Amazon society. The Greek myth dates back to this time frame c. 5-6 century BC
before the rise of the Greeks and their male dominated deity system.

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