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Home LAW & SEX
Activism & Sex Adult Businesses
Commercial Sex Cities
Contraception States US Supreme Court
Disabilities/Illnesses Circuit Courts
Dysfunctions US Supreme Court (2001) City News and Novelty Inc.
Human Body v. City of Waukesha
History of Sex CATEGORIES: adult bookstores, prompt judicial
Law & Sex review, petitions for centiorari, withdrawals
Love & Intimacy of applications.
Paraphilias (2000) United States v. Playboy
Pleasures of Sex CATEGORIES: sexually oriented programming,
Pregnancy Censorship First Amendment, less restrictive means.
Relationships Child Abuse/Pornography (2000) City of Erie v. Pap's AM
Religion & Sex Consent Laws CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
Research Divorce Laws nude dancing, public indecency statutes,
STDs Miscellaneous Laws First Amendment.
Societies (1999) Barnes (Indiana) v. Glen Theatres
Variances CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
Violence nude dancing, public indecency statutes,
definition of nude, First Amendment.
(1990) FW/PBS Inc et. al v. City of Dallas
CATEGORIES: Adult businesses, sexually-oriented
businesses, topless dancing, nude dancing,
judicial review, First Amendment, licensing,
issuing, denying, revoking, adult motels, time
limitations on cities.
Federal Court & Gov Links (1997) Janet Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union
Communications Decency Act
Center for Info Law & Policy CATEGORIES: minors, internet, sexual expression,
Cornell Law: Legal Info First Amendment, use and vagueness of
Emory Univ. School of Law terms "patently offensive" and "indecent",
Federal Court Locator definitions of harmful matter and obscene.
Federal Court Locator (1986) City of Renton v. Playtime Theatres
Federal Judiciary CATEGORIES: Adult movie theaters, zoning
Federal Law Links ordinances, First Amendment.
FirstGov: Gov Database of Websites (1981) Schad v. Borough of Mount Ephraim
Freedom Forum: 1st Amendment CATEGORIES: Adult bookstores, zoning ordinances,
Hieros Gamos: Fed & State Links nude dancing, 1st Amendment. "Nude dancing is
Supreme Court Collection Home protected by the First Amendment."
Supreme Court of the US (1976) Young v. American Mini Theatres
U.S. Court of Appeals: 9th Circuit CATEGORIES: Adult movie theaters, zoning,
First Amendment, equal protection clause,
ordinances, 14th Amendment.
(1974) Al Star v. Preller et al.
CATEGORIES: adult motion pictures, licenses,
unconstitutional requirements, prompt
judicial review, First Amendment,
14th Amendment.
(1969) Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham
"Ignore licensing laws created by cities imposing
on First Amendment activities."
(1965) Freedman v. Maryland
CATEGORIES: Films, censorship, judicial review,
First Amendment.
(1958) Staub v. City of Baxley
"Licensing ordinances created by cities which
require licenses for activities protected by
the First Amendment are unconstitutional."

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