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Home LAW & SEX
Activism & Sex Adult Businesses
Commercial Sex Cities
Contraception States Federal Circuit Courts
Disabilities/Illnesses Circuit Courts
Dysfunctions US Supreme Court (2001) Clark v. City of Lakewood
Human Body CATEGORIES: Cabarets, entertainers/escorts,
History of Sex topless dancing, nude dancing, 1st Amendment,
Law & Sex unconstitutional ordinances, licenses,
Love & Intimacy time limits for approvals, open-meetings.
Paraphilias (2001) Flanigan Enterprises Inc. v. Fulton County
Pleasures of Sex CATEGORIES: Nude dancing, alcohol,
Pregnancy Censorship First Amendment, unconstitutional ordinances,
Relationships Child Abuse/Pornography secondary effects of crime, evidence, O'Brien test.
Religion & Sex Consent Laws (2000) Alameda Books v. Los Angeles
Research Divorce Laws CATEGORIES: adult bookstores, video view booths,
STDs Miscellaneous Laws combination adult businesses, First Amendment,
Societies relevancy of studies must address problem
Variances cities claim they are concerned with.
Violence (2000) Urofsky v. Gilmore
CATEGORIES: Computer, internet, sexually
explicity materials, state or government
employees, no First Amendment rights.
(2000) Young v. City of Simi Valley
CATEGORIES: Adult businesses,
zoning ordinances, First Amendment.
(1999) 4805 Convoy v. City of San Diego
CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
Federal Court & Gov Links nude dancing, licensing, suspensions & revocations,
1st Amendment, prompt judicial review, time
Center for Info Law & Policy restraints in laws for hearings & reviews.
Cornell Law: Legal Info (1998) Baby Tam v. City of Las Vegas
Emory Univ. School of Law CATEGORIES: Adult bookstores, adult businesses,
Federal Court Locator 1st Amendment, license approvals, denials,
Federal Court Locator prior restraint, prompt judicial review, injunctions.
Federal Judiciary (1998) Colacurio v. City of Kent
Federal Law Links CATEGORIES: Strip Clubs, topless dancing, nude
FirstGov: Gov Database of Websites dancing, 1st Amendment, distancing laws, time,
Freedom Forum: 1st Amendment place & manner restrictions on free speech.
Hieros Gamos: Fed & State Links (1996) Spokane Arcade v. City of Spokane
Supreme Court Collection Home CATEGORIES: Adult arcades, nude dancing,
Supreme Court of the US topless dancing, direct line of sight,
U.S. Court of Appeals: 9th Circuit 1st Amendment.
(1996) Crawford v. California
CATEGORIES: Adult-Oriented Publications,
Adult literature, 1st Amendment.
(1994) Nevada Entertainment v. Henderson
CATEGORIES: adult video stores, zoning,
ordinance changes, adult/non adult licenses.
(1994) Las Vegas Nitelife v. Clark County
CATEGORIES: Adult nightclubs, swingers clubs,
sex clubs, 1st Amendment.
(1993) Topanga Press v. City of Los Angeles
CATEGORIES: Adult businesses, zoning
ordinances, First Amendment.
(1989) Ripplinger et al. v. Collins
CATEGORIES: adult bookstores, adult video
stores, adult theatres, First Amendment,
General Law Links & Searches Arizona obscenity statutes, term:
"appealing to the prurient interest."
American Arbitration Association (1987) Tollis v. San Bernardino County
American Association of Law Libraries CATEGORIES: Adult Businesses, zoning,
American Bar Association 1st Amendment.
Big Ear: Current Legal Resources (1986) IDK Inc. v. Clark County
CataLaw: Metaindex Search CATEGORIES: Escorts, Sexually-Oriented Escort
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources Services, Prostitution, licenses, 1st Amendment,
GSU College of Law 14th Amendment, intimacy with clients.
Justice Information Center (1986) Kev Inc. v. Kitsap County
CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
Law Lists alcohol, fondling/caressing patrons, lists
Law.Com of dancers/employees, 1st Amendment.
Legal Forms & Court Rules: LLRX (1984) Las Vegas v. District Courts &
Legal Forms: FindLaw Adult Businesses
Legal Forms: FindForms.Com CATEGORIES: Adult Businesses,
Legal Forms: LawSmart zoning ordinances, motives of city.
Legal Forms: LexisONE (1984) BSA Inc. v. King, Pierce,
U.S. Legal Forms & Snohomish Counties
Virtual Law Library: Indiana U CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
alcohol, 1st Amendment.
(1981) Chase v. Pierce County
CATEGORIES: Strip clubs, topless dancing,
alcohol, 1st Amendment.

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