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Arts & Sensuality This piece is dedicated to my mother. October 2003. Webmistress of Sex Education Links
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Contraception History of Multiple Sclerosis
Dysfunctions In order to understand multiple sclerosis, it is necessary to understand the geographic
Human Body patterns and historical patterns of the disease and its occurences. The first recorded
History of Sex case of multiple sclerosis was in the early 1800s, and symptoms were first described by
Law & Sex Jean Cruveilhier in Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body (2 vols., 1829-1842).
Love & Intimacy However, when one looks to Ancient Greece there are no descriptions of any illnesses
Paraphilias that would resemble multiple sclerosis and the Greeks recorded symptoms for every
Pleasures of Sex disease known at the time. That could only mean that multiple sclerosis did not exist
Pregnancy in Ancient Greece, but did exist by the early 1800s. What would have been different
Relationships in Ancient Greece as compared to the early 1800s that could have caused an
Religion & Sex environmental change?
STDs Eating Patterns, Part I
Variances The only difference between Ancient Greece and the 1800s is the cattle industry
Violence and milk production. In Ancient Greece they did not drink cow's milk, but instead
goat's milk. There are extremely high incidents of Multiple Sclerosis in areas
of the world that produce dairy products and high incidents among the farming communities along with the urban populations that drink cow's milk.

In areas of the world where there is no cow's milk consumption, such as Japan and Southeast Asia, there are no incidents of Multiple Sclerosis either. Such areas of the world consume soy milk rather than cow's milk. For more complete demographics of Multiple Sclerosis around the world, please visit A Review of the Aetiology of Multiple Sclerosis.

Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

All doctors in medicine would agree that the cause of Multiple Sclerosis is that the human immune system begins attacking the myelin sheaths of the neurons in the human body and the immune system destroys them. What most doctors don't say is why the immune system attacks the myelin sheaths. In diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, there is an abnormal protein detected in spinal fluid, and the abnormal protein is used for diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The human immune system is attacking these abnormal proteins which have somehow gotten into the myelin sheaths and the immune system destroys both the abnormal protein and the myelin sheaths.

The only known thing that could cause an abnormal protein within parts of the human body is a prion. Prions are a rather new discovery and took much debate in the 1980s. None the less, prions are proven to exist. A prion is an infectious agent, lacking either RNA or DNA that attempts to enter into human cells. It changes normal proteins into abnormal proteins. Prions usually attack neurons and the protein structure of neurons as well as the protein structures of genetic code. Once a prion enters into a neuron, it replicates an abnormal protein inside it.

Prionic science is in its infant stages. The first government funds allotted towards prion detection and research only began in 2001-2002 and the only prion detection at present is for fast acting prions which cause destruction of neurons and death within 1-2 years after ingestion.

Prions are ingested which is one means of contracting a prion. They are usually found within the food table, abnormal proteins given to animals to help them produce more beef or milk. And it might also be possible that prions can be found in grains given to these animals to help them produce more beef or milk.

For the most part, Multiple Sclerosis seems to be a slow acting prion, rather than a fast acting prion. This is highly beneficial to those with multiple sclerosis for it means that they can eliminate the prion and replace the normal protein structures of their myelin sheaths.

For further research on how prions work, what they are, and scientific proof of their existence please visit the 1997 Nobel Prize Winning Research of Dr. Stanley B. Prusiner.

The Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

Clearly since an abnormal protein is detected in spinal fluid of those with Multiple Sclerosis, then the abnormal protein is what is causing the immune system to attack the myelin sheath to destroy it. Since the only known substance that can cause an alteration of normal proteins into abnormal proteins is a prion, then a prion is the cause.

There are two ways that a person can contract a prion. The first is through ingestion of a food product infected with a prion. The second is genetics. When prions alter the protein structures of neurons, they also do so at the genetic level, and prions can alter the genetic code. This may be why some people might have research linking Multiple Sclerosis to a genetic cause because they may be finding the same abnormal protein in the genetic code.

And yet, on the other hand, there are many cases of Multiple Sclerosis with no genetic history of the disease within the family on either side, which would suggest primary ingestion of the prions by the individual.

The simple cure would be to eliminate the item from the food chain that contains the prion, and the abnormal protein and then to rebuild the normal protein structures of the myelin sheath within the human body.

So how can one figure out which animal in the food chain might be infected with these prions causing abnormal proteins in the myelin sheath?

Dietary Patterns - Part II

As stated before, there is no incidents of Multiple Sclerosis in areas of the world that drink soy milk. There was no incident of Multiple Sclerosis in Ancient Greece when they drank goat's milk. The areas of the world lacking cases of Multiple Sclerosis have no cow milk consumption. The areas of the world with high incidents of Multiple Sclerosis are the areas with high dairy product consumption.

So is the prion in the cow's milk? Or the prion in the grain products being fed to milking cows? Or both?

We know that before many of the experimental medications that those with Multiple Sclerosis began trying extreme dietary changes to see if they could stop or change their Multiple Sclerosis. There are two extremely successful diets which caused a complete remission of all MS and all abnormal proteins.

The first diet was the Paleolithic Diet, started by Roger MacDougall. MacDougall was diagnosed with MS in 1953 and unable to use his legs, fingers and eyes (partial paralysis and loss of eyesight). He decided to go back to the most basic form of a diet before modern farming or a "Paleolithic Diet". Over the course of 6 months, he eliminated all dairy products since human beings did not originally consume cow's milk. He also eliminated many of the grains that are fed to milking cows from his diet, (grains contain a protein surrounding in the wheat casing) reverting back to a hunter-gatherer diet. He also eliminated all sugar from his diet. He replaced necessary vitamins such as calcium, vitamin D and the B vitamins with other hunter-gatherers foods. He used olive oil, sunflower oil and safflower oil for cooking and salads. He used honey instead of sugar to sweeten. He eliminated beef, pork, ham, goose, duck, mutton and lamb fats and replaced them with liver, kidney, tongue, sweetbread, venison, rabbit, and poultry. He eliminated all beer and alcohol, sweetened fruit juices, and carbonated drinks. He ate raw vegetables, cabbage, carrots, beets, and fresh fruits everyday and drank natural (unsweetened) fruit juices. MacDougall also had allergies to other foods which he also had to eliminate from his diet such as tomatoes, onions, corn and apples.

It did take Roger MacDougall about 4 years before he noticed an improvement. However, for 30 years on his Paleolithic Diet, his Multiple Sclerosis has been in full remission. He is able to walk again and has regained his eyesight.

A not-so-dramatic dietary change which still resulted in a complete remission of Multiple Sclerosis was tried by Matt Embry. Matt Embry was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 18 when his brain scan and spinal scan revealed dozens of lesions. He changed his diet, avoided all junk food. He eliminated all dairy products and gluton-containing products, such as grains fed to cows (ex. wheat). He began taking vitamin supplements, which clearly replaced the appropriate normal proteins. Now, Matt Embry is symptom-free with his MS in remission.

In conclusion, those that put their Multiple Sclerosis in remission no matter how severe their MS was, changed their diets and eliminated both dairy products and gluton-containing products, such as wheat which are fed to cows, while supplementing new vitamins and proteins.

Where is the prion?

Is the prion in the dairy products? Or is the prion in the grain products fed to cows? Or both? Those with successes in putting their Multiple Sclerosis in remission eliminated both dairy products and grains fed to cows from their diets.

Vitamin Supplements - Rebuilding the Normal Protein Structure of the Myelin Sheath

Since prion detection is in its early stages, a brand new science, it may be years before they figure out whether the prion causing Multiple Sclerosis is in dairy products or the grain products. Until the prion is identified, it cannot be screened out of the food chain. However, we do know that it exists because only a prion has the capability of altering normal proteins within neurons to abnormal proteins. In patients with MS, they definitely have the abnormal protein which is found in their spinal fluid.

If anyone tries to eliminate both the grains and the dairy products from their diets, like Embry and MacDougall, they will undoubtedly have similar successes with remission. Embry supplemented his proteins with Vitamin supplements. MacDougall supplemented his proteins with other foods.

Rebuilding the normal protein structure of the myelin sheaths is extremely important to those with Multiple Sclerosis. So what would the normal protein structure of a myelin sheath be? Scientifically, the best diagram of complete components of the myelin sheath comes from Neurobiology.

In general, the myelin sheath is composed of Vitamin D, phosophosids (such as calcium) and Vitamin B12. Many persons with Multiple Sclerosis also have a deficiency in Vitamin B12. For a breakdown of vitamin studies and MS visit Australia's Nutritional Healing site.

According to nearly all research, Vitamin D seems to be a natural inhibitor to MS. However, this research was conducted with Vitamin D supplements, rather than Vitamin D found in milk products, meaning there is a difference. If one tried to increase milk to get more Vitamin D, then they could actually compound or make their MS worse, rather than by eliminating the dairy products and increasing Vitamin D supplements.

For more information on Vitamin D SUPPLEMENTS as an inhibitor to MS visit some of these sites.
  • Vitamin D and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Vitamin D: A Natural Inhibitor of MS
  • Vitamin D and MS


    Since clearly an abnormal protein within the myelin sheath is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis, causing the immune system to attack and destroy the myelin sheath with the abnormal protein, then the abnormal protein can only be caused by a prion.

    Prions are all over the food chain, a disease-causing agent, that replicates itself within neurons because it lacks RNA/DNA. When it unfolds inside a neuron, it forms a new-abnormal protein, like that found in MS and many various other diseases. Since prion detection is in its earliest stages, then one must go on common food patterns of incidents of MS and societies with different eating behaviors that do not have MS. By eliminating those foods that are most likely the carriers of the prion that causes MS, those with MS can stop the intake of the prion that alters the protein in their myelin sheaths.

    Then the people with MS need to rebuild the normal protein structures of their myelin sheaths, either through alternate eating patterns or Vitamin supplements. In some cases, such as MacDougall's, it has taken 4 years before he saw a change and was able to move again without paralysis. In other cases, such as with Vitamin supplements, the changes are more immediate. It may also depend on what stage a person with MS is in. Those that eliminated both dairy products and the grains fed to cows from their diets had the best remissions of MS.

    By eliminating the food source with the prion and supplementing the proteins and vitamins normal to the myelin sheath, a cure can be found.

    This piece was written by the Webmistress of Sex Education Links as a dedication to her mother who is suffering from Recurring-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, October 2, 2003.

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