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Prostitution: AIDS Testing


(a) The judge shall require any person described in subdivision (b), as a condition of either placing the person on probation or of permitting the person to participate in a drug diversion program to agree to participate in an AIDS education program. Testing for AIDS antibodies shall be offered but no person described in subdivision (b) shall be required to be tested.
(b) This section shall apply to any person who has either been placed on probation or granted diversion for, any of the following:
(1) A violation of subdivision (a) of Section 11350 of the Health and Safety Code, subdivision (a) of Section 11377 of the Health and Safety Code, Section 11550 of the Health and Safety Code, Section 4143 or 4149 of the Business and Professions Code, or of subdivision (f) of Section 647 if the offense involves intravenous use of a controlled substance.
(2) A violation of subdivision (a) or (b) of Section 647.


(a) The health department in each county shall select an agency, or agencies, in the county that shall provide AIDS prevention education to those persons sentenced to probation or a drug diversion program in accordance with Section 1001.10. The health department shall endeavor to select an agency, or agencies, that currently provide AIDS prevention education programs to substance abusers or prostitutes. If no agency is currently providing this education, the county agency responsible for substance abuse shall develop an AIDS prevention education program either within the agency or under contract with a community-based, nonprofit organization in the county. The health department shall forward to the courts a list of agencies selected for purposes of referral in accordance with Section 1001.10. Reimbursement for the costs of implementing this section shall be made out of moneys deposited with the county treasurer in accordance with Section 1463.23.
(b) An AIDS prevention education program providing services pursuant to subdivision (a) shall, at a minimum, include details about the transmission of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the etiologic agent for AIDS, symptoms of AIDS or AIDS-related conditions, prevention through avoidance or cleaning of needles, sexual practices which constitute high risk, low risk, and no risk (including abstinence), and resources for assistance if the person decides to take a test for the etiologic agent for AIDS and receives a positive test result. The program shall also include other relevant medical and prevention information as it becomes available.
(c) A person sentenced to a drug diversion program pursuant to Section 1001.10 shall not be required to participate in an AIDS prevention education program, provided that the drug diversion program includes an AIDS prevention education component that meets the requirements of subdivision (b).

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