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Origins of Life, Evolution, Extinctions

Single-Celled Giant Upends Early Evolution
Slowly rolling across the ocean floor, a humble single-celled creature is poised to revolutionize our understanding of how complex life evolved on Earth.

Tyrannosaurus rex protein proves dinosaurs evolved into birds

Ancient rock points to life's origins
The continents were moving across the face of the Earth much sooner than had been thought, according to new evidence from China.

Origin of Life on Earth
Posits the possibility that the advent of self-replicating RNA was a critical milestone on the road to life. A discussion of inorganic and organic antecedants to self-duplicating nucleotides, followed by other pages pertaining to life.

Origin of Homo
Addresses the question of how to account for non-reproducing gays in evolutionary terms. This is a large, speculative and rambling, yet fascinating hypothesis containing links to many sites bearing on this interesting question.

Paleoanthropology Links
A comprehensive archive of web resources.

"Mummified " Dinosaur Discovered in Montana

Endosymbiotic Theory of Eukaryote Evolution (Symboitic Theory)
For years this theory was rejected by mainstream biologists. It is now mainstream science and seeks to explain the single most important event of the organic world.

Microbial Microcosm
The missing piece in our understanding of evolution may be the importance of symbiosis in the development of new forms of life.

Life in extreme conditions
Some amazing facts recently discovered about life forms adapted to extreme conditions, from Life on the Edge by Dr. Michael Gross

National Geographic's Dinorama
A huge and well constructed site devoted to the dinosaurs.

The American Museum of Natural History
Located at Central Park and 79th St., New York City

A journey into who we are and where we're going.

The Four Billion Year War
The amazing story of life on planet Earth.

Charles Darwin
Explore the theory of evolution, learn about history of evolutionary thought.

Rock Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Human Evolution and Migration

The Tree Of Life
Find information about the diversity of organisms on Earth, their history, and characteristics.

The Birth Of Organisms
A layman's view of a new theory about the origins of life, and a new theory that distinct organisms arose independently from the primordial pond.

Space-Time Matrix
The evolution of existence into experience - online book, written by Steven E. Kaufman.

Big Bang Philosophy
This website is made to exchange ideas about the philosophy of the Big Bang and its moral consequences.

Prologue - On Human Evolution
Human Evolution - Personal Hypothesis

Alfred Russel Wallace
Welcome to the Web site dedicated to celebrating the life and work of the English naturalist, evolutionist, and social critic Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913)!

Natural History Museum
Welcome to Natural History Museum , London.

World Population

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