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Genetics & Molecular Biology

Secret of Photo 51
Background of Watson-Crick hypothesis with credit to Rosalind Franklin. Also an excellent general introduction to DNA and human genetics.

W. H. Freeman Publishing
This is the companion web site to leading texts in cellular and molecular biology, genetics, physiology, immunology, and other biological sciences. Together with the books and CD-ROMS, this provides an unparalleled teaching resource.

The Polymerase Chain Reaction
The most important new scientific technology to come along in the last hundred years, the polymerase chain reaction has utterly transformed the life sciences.

Ancient DNA Database
Latest research papers, genome encyclopedia, related links.

Europe's Seven Female Founders
Professor Sykes found that the seven ancestral mothers have strong links to one of three clans that still exist in Africa today.

This web site is a subject catalog covering genetics in the biosciences.

Blueprint of the body
Information about a draft of the master blueprint of a human being including genome guide, and related information.

Human Genome Project
Find educational materials, genome research, ethical, legal, social issues, frequently asked questions, and more.

Collection of articles on human genetics, eugenics, heredity and evolution, reproduction technology, and related topics.

Combines information about the Library with WWW links especially suited to Geneticists.

Human Genome Project
Funds research in chromosome mapping, DNA sequencing, database development, technology development for genome research, and studies of the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetics research.

Learning Biology
Online interactive resource for learning biology: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Human Biology, Molecular Biology, Mendelian Genetics, and Immunology.

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