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Stewart Ogilby,
Editor of &

Nov. 13, 2009

Prescription Drug Prices

Most of us grew up believing that "the American way" involves a sense of fair play and decency. We, whose origins represent people from around this planet, know that dealing honestly with one another does not depend upon race, religion, or national origin. We knew in our heart what "the American way" was supposed to mean, even when we fell short of following it.

Americans have been cheated of this birthright, not by their neighbors but by the immense power gained through the success of big corporatons. These entities today are only quasi-American, given their international status. Clearly, their ways are far from what formerly proud Americans respect and hope for. The evidence for this abounds: monopolistic oil companies, monopolistic agribusiness, mainline media monopolies, private banking monopolies.

Perhaps the most egregious example is that of the American pharmaceutical industry and its powerful political lobby. People may shrug their shoulders with regard to abuses of large corporations but when they require prescription medicine and their lives, their health or the health of an older relative or a neighbor is jeopardized for the sake of sky-high corporate profits, there are excellent personal reasons for being less forgiving.

The time has come to confront domestic propaganda and governmental collusion paid for by "big pharma". Perhaps you heard in various places that "foreign manufactured drugs are not safe". How much sense does that make? The majority of prescription medicines sold in the U.S. are manufactured at FDA-inspected facilities located in foreign countries. Ask your local pharmacist where your prescription meds were manufactured.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the responsibility of overseeing the manufacturing facilities of drug companies in foreign countries from which these drugs are imported to this country. Its official job is to ensure that drugs which are sold in the US are manufactured to FDA standards. India, for example, has close to 100 manufacturing facilities approved by the FDA, the largest after the US. These are some facts that big pharma prefers you never learn.

Any company or US governmental entity, including the FDA, that implies or states that prescription drugs ordered by Americans from legitimate pharmacies located outside the US are less safe than if they had been manufactured domestically is not telling the truth.

The only significant issue involves whether or not medicines are manufactured at FDA-approved facilities. Un-inspected facilities, potentially a source of contaminated or fraudulent products, sell their products through unlicensed "rogue pharmacies". Regardless of having been produced domestically or having been imported, these products are to be avoided, not because of their country of origin, but because they are illegally manufactured and distributed.

Name-brand prescriptions purchased from licensed and registered offshore pharmacies are the same products as those imported into the U.S. from countries around the world.

"To claim that those same prescription drugs for which the FDA has provided oversight are unsafe when prescriptions are filled from licensed pharmacies outside the U.S. is disingenuous at best and fraudulent at worse", according to Daniel Hines, online publisher of and outspoken consumer advocate. So much deception. So many lies. This was not the American way. Today it is big pharma's corporate way with Americans.

It is perfectly legal for Americans to purchase and to receive their prescription drugs, in quantities of up to 90 days as prescribed by a licensed US physician, directly from licensed and registered offshore pharmacies that dispense the same drugs that are available in the US, manufactured by USFDA inspected facilities.

Informed Americans who have their prescriptions filled by reputable overseas pharmacies save themselves a whole lot of money. Click LibertyRx prices. Be prepared to be shocked. Liberty is unique insofar as they sell prescription meds at their cost, supporting the business and making a profit through customer memberships.

I was so impressed by my own experience with Liberty that I am spreading this important information via the internet and expect it to benefit many people. If it does so, I will be reasonably and fairly compensated when Liberty enrolls members they help. Any reader of this who wants to generate additional income by sharing this information with others who need to take expensive prescription meds and are buying from US pharmacies has the same opportunity.

When the prices at America's pharmacies have been widely exposed, we will probably hear a lot of whining from big pharma to justify exhorbitant prices and misleading propaganda on the basis of research and development expenses. These corporations spend far more money advertising, romancing doctors, publishing subsidized "research papers", and on outlandish executive compensation than they do on R&D.

Mar. 19, 2009: Preparing for Civil Unrest in America
Is it over for the USA? - Can this be true?

Posted 12/13/09: A Stability Police Force for the United States

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